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  1. hey mate, I know that this ssr is old, but I would like the version of ayane, could you create it?
  2. Yes, I've seen those thanks for the help, but those are normal maps, it's not really 3d
  3. good, I would like to make a request, I searched a lot in forums of sims 3 and I could find this: click it is a lower part with the vagina modeled in 3d, but the creator abandoned it a long time ago. has many imperfections and I think it does not work in the new versions, the creator stopped being updated in 2013. I would like someone could continue with the development or tell me if there is any other similar creation, (it does not seem to exist)
  4. ok I did not know it was more complicated, 10 days I think it's great but keep calm, you do not need to hurry, take your time haha, continue with your great work and thank you
  5. is there any version with pubic hair for marie rose of 2048x2048? I do not find it ... if it exists #1174 here you commented that it was under construction and in #1242it seems that it is not yet finished or inccluded I would like to have it in 2k if possible ?
  6. Why when I replace the female mesh I get this? I only use Mighty Beasts, I tried to remove it but it still happens.
  7. En cuanto a esto, la primera opción se incluye en él todo-en-uno mod, pero el otro creo que requiere otro mod. Ambos están incluidos con 4 y 3 variantes. Yo personalmente prefiero agitan HDT naturalista y la colisión de Bazinga, el rebote es más natural y cada teta tiene su rebote, el rebote y Jiggles ambos pechos rebotar al mismo tiempo. ¡Que tengas un buen día! thanks for your answers, that's exactly what I install. thanks for your mod package has saved me a lot of problems , continue your great work
  8. great mod. but I can ask a stupid question? which is the difference in the options? 1) HDT Bounce and Jiggles XML 2) Naturalistic HDT jiggle and collisions XML I can not choose which
  9. Do you have the most recent version of SKSE installed? It needs to be 1.7.3. http://skse.silverlock.org/ of course... i try reinstall , but children no have clothes (shoes only). I also change the loading order, but without success... the problem seems to be resolved when I create a new game, but in my current game still does not work
  10. hello mates , i need help... i install this , all work good except vanilla childrens, they no have clothes
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