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  1. No more bouncing boobs when female Sims dance or "Show off outfit". A simple thing but I miss it. Immature? Yes. But there it is. Any fix for this?
  2. UglyBob

    Amusement Parks

    Thanks very much for the response. But I guess I am asking for rides. Possible? I dunno.
  3. Would it possible to create an amusement park like a Disneyland, Six Flags, ect.? Rides, things to look at, games, all that? I do not know. Does anyone know of such a addition or anyone working on it? I still do not know why I like the Sims but I do. And an amusement park would be a great addition.
  4. UglyBob


    Will someone who has the ability and the skill please create a mod that allows prostitution in Sims 4. The mod currently available does not work properly. If it is working properly then it is designed incorrectly. Becoming a prostitute is not something that requires a degree or extensive training. A woman who is reasonably, or not, attractive walks out on the street and BOOM!!! She is a prostitute. That is all there is to it. PERIOD. She need not watch porn videos for hours and hours on end. She does not need to start at some other totally unrelated field and "Work up" to becoming a prostitute. The vast majority of women that become prostitutes do so because it is easy and they either have no other job skills or the money draws them. Now if a woman wants to become a high class call girl then I can see the logic in making her work up to that level. But becoming a prostitute is really as easy as just waking up one morning and start turning tricks. The proper and more logical profession ladder for this should be; Street Walker to Brothel Worker to Escort to High Class Call Girl. Most street walkers do not have pimps. Don't tell Hollywood that though. But Brothel Workers and up would need to work for someone else. Unless of course they themselves started the Brothel or escort service. I know its a game. I am not even sure why I enjoy the Sims 4 game. But I do usually. But I am just voicing my opinion on a more logical, and playable, prostitution system.
  5. This may sound odd but I find that getting my male sims laid is way too easy. Abit of food, perhaps a little smoozing, and BOOM her pants are off. Now don't get me wrong. I am just as much a perv as most guys. But it just seems abit too easy. I have a single guy working real hard to be a master chef. He has banged nearly every attractive woman in the neighborhoods. Including two or three that are not single ladies. Its fun. Sure. But I think that if it were just a little more of a challenge it might be more rewarding. Just a thought. I do not know anything about mods or programing so I don't know if it is even possible to write anything up that would address this issue.
  6. UglyBob


    I do not know the first thing about creating a mod. Seriously. Ive no idea what the first step is. But I am appealing to you computer genius' out there to create a mod for gambling. Poker, craps, blackjack, whatever. All the other vices have pretty much been covered. Gambling as far as I know has been totally ignored. And eventhough in RL I do not really enjoy gambling I think it woulod be a real fun addition to the Sims 4 game. It could even be a profession. I had an uncle that was a professional gambler. Anyway I am just tossing this out and hoping someone takes up the challenge. For all I know it might be just an afternoon's work.
  7. I am getting a message that there has been an error and the most common cause is old or outdated mods. Is there any way to find out which mods are causing the issue? Or do I need to just do the old "One mod at a time" routine. This would take forever as I am playing for an hour or longer before I get any error messages. Any assistance?
  8. UglyBob

    Wicked Jobs

    I have downloaded the Wicked Jobs and I am happy that the darker side of adult life has been included. But to be honest it is a little silly that it requires so much effort to become a porn actress or prostitute. Women come factory equipped with all the needed equipment for either profession. If some form of effort or requirements are needed to go into either profession they should be minimal. Very minimal. I know the Sims is not a realistic life simulator nor would I want it to be. But in this particular instance it needs to be a little closer to reality. Most woman who go into these professions do so because of the ease by which they can be entered into. The easy money and access to drugs and independence. Just my opinion. But I believe it needs to be simplified.
  9. UglyBob

    Sex Professions

    Thank you. Your solution seems to have done it. But now it says one of the requirements is to watch porn. How can this be done? There is no porn station on the TV.
  10. I see there are atleast 2 mods concerning sex work. Which one is current and works. Excuse my lack of know how in such things.
  11. The new Settings for Wicked Whims is a little involved and complicated. All of the Sims undress before getting into bed. I cannot tell you why this irritates me but for some weird reason it does. Is there a tutorial on the settings and how each one effects the game? If not can someone who fully understands them give some assistance?
  12. Is there an electric guitar for Sims 4? The free guitar on the start up takes me to an empty browser and never loads. And I am not sure it is even electric. So is there one, or one in the making, available anywhere?
  13. UglyBob

    Nude Skins

    I cannot get the panties off of the female Sims in CAS. Its very difficult designing a female when you cannot get her undressed. What mod is needed? Any assistance is appreciated.
  14. UglyBob


    I have downloaded quite a few Wicked Whims mods and for the most part had no issues once I got them in the right place. But after I created a Sim and had them join the Wicked Jobs I keep getting Error and the game crashes. I took out the Wicked Asparations as well as the Wicked jobs mods but they still appear and are still causing me problems. Any solutions?
  15. UglyBob

    Where Do I Install Mods Folder?

    Penis grows to the length of the female Sim during sex and sticks out of her head. And the penis does not appear in CAS. I have figured out,sort of, how to get the Sims nude in CAS. Not as easy as before. But it sort of works. The old WW was better I think. Minor perhaps but I like the old mods and animations better.