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  1. alrighty after updating a few other mods and fnis its working great now. Nice work mod maker.
  2. Its not an animation crash though. Your implying the files are even loading at all. After installing the mods and running fnis and loot. I open the game and its fine. But creating or loading a saved file gives ctd. Its not that I can load a game file then when the animations start it crashes.
  3. I have sexlab and slal loader? Not sure exactly why I am getting a ctd here. Perhaps I just have too many mods and it has reached a breaking point? Or these animations are conflicting with something else.
  4. Using normal skyrim with dlcs. Ran fnis and loot after. Saves are ctd with you animations. But working fine without them. Thoughts on what could be messing with it. Or what info do i need to feed you all to give me some pointers.
  5. thank you sleepy tiger eyes for finding those with working links. the fox 42 - 46 mod has the outfit i was after and more. I personally like to use either adec or hourglass as my body type. And get collisions to generally working using the all in one hdt pussy mod and its wizards.
  6. I am not usiing SILF. The mods which do have that have the ability to change the characters breast size and simulate belly change that I am using are. Being female 2_8_1 But all the body slide change settings are off. Milk mod economy But breast and belly changing settings are off only thing i have on that makes visual changes is the lactating breasts. Sexlab Soul gem pregnancy version 1.06 Only the breast node change setting is on the cum inflation setting and belly settings are off. And the main body type I am using is hourglass in the mod All in one hdt p
  7. What i essentially did to make the nude dreanei i posted was. 1. open bodyslide in your skyrim folder. 2. select the body type file which should be called UNPD (this is erias dreanei body mesh nude) 3. Then from there you can preview what the body looks like and mess with the proportions. 4. Then I clicked settings in the botom right of bodyslide. Click browse for the reference skeleton. 5. Select skeleton file skeleton_female_Dr.nif 6. click ok after choosing skeleton 7. If you are happy with your proportions you set up. Save the body settings u
  8. Well that is a nice outfit that i just downloaded lol. I am referring to the white flowery looking bikini looking armor. If it even is an armor. Elysium Clothes/armor by JackGa permission granted by Alunder http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80091/? Fox 46 armor by Fox6000 & Psychomachina permission granted by Alunder http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80257/? These two links don't work. Nexus says the files are removed.
  9. Does it go back over time or is it based on completing quests? Can I use bodyslide to change the body? And what would the body even be called.
  10. What are people doing to keep the transformed girls big and bouncy. What is the body called? can i bodyslide it to make it more voluptuous? I installed the mod to try it and instantly my mc looses all her curvy large breasts/butt. Help?
  11. The files for her outfit are no longer on nexus. Is There another link somewhere for her outfits?
  12. pics of the dreanei girls. Not perfect but they turned out pretty good. Pics done with my cell phone so they r nothing special.
  13. I am gonna assume that the original creator of the dreanei mod had to do alot of heavy customizing to get them as good as they are. That being said I would suggest contacting them directly with questions of how they did it. And for the sake of being nice to the original creator maybe get their good graces before editing the race they made too much. If you have the means to convert more armor sets more power to ya and hopefully share with your fellow gamers. If you want to slap on a male package I suppose you could use a mod that allows equipment of that nature. But that's not m
  14. The link I gave converts about 12 vanella armor types into the amazing bikini armor setups with swapped legs. There is a readme file that tells you how to use bodyslide to create the meshes. I have not found other armors converted over besides these. So if you want armors other then these ones you will have to do the custom mesh and skeleton work. I hope that at some point the lovely pictures eria showed off with her converted armor mite be put out to the public. Or maybe she'll also be nice enough to create converted armors as well. Hands don't really change for the most part
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