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  1. It's not really that surprising that someone would be such a tremendously insecure dweeb that they feel threatened by some of the most basic scientific terminology, heaven forbid someone mention actual academic sociological terms and make the guy have a fit over somthing something sjws something something video games something something women existing.
  2. I can confirm that this tactic, and tactics like it, make tentacle world start not only viable, but exceptionally fun in a way that other starts aren't, even in the base game. The micromanagement remains persistent up until midway through the game, even as you outpace every other empire in the galaxy (tentacle world start in INSANELY overpowered if you dump resources into research districts) you still have to carefully balance your breeders with your milk cows and natural resources. Would highly suggest.
  3. with respect, I don't think thats your place to call it. Where do people pulll these statements out of? The Paradox forums are full of these types of blanket, unwarranted statements. "This mod is dead." Yeah so is your mom. Wait no I'm sorry that was mean. I take back that last part.
  4. Ugh. I'm currently torn between wanting to remove Yiffic from my game files, and crusading against it as glorious Lilithanists. SEX IS A SACRED GIFT FROM LILITH AND THESE VILE HERETICAL PLAGUEBEARERS HAVE THE NERVE TO BASTARDIZE IT WITH THEIR FILTH DEUS VULT
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