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  1. Awesome, great mod dude! Can these animation be used along with pretty combat animations?
  2. Many thanks from all modders. I've had it in my load order, but never wanted to use it because of no 3BBB bodyslide, but now that you have done the conversion it looks like I'll be out looking for the books and crafting many armors to come
  3. Are you getting a CTD? I'm getting one when trying to free up a captured wench. When i got to unmask the wench i crash. I started to disable the KS hairdo patch since i use it and it didn't help. I disabled the enslave wenches patch and Yuriana Wench esp and no more crash, but i also would like to see if the errors you are getting are the culprit. ***READ THIS https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19186?tab=posts
  4. First of all thank you for your work. I use the SE version and had a question about the mod, am I supposed to uninstall any previous version and install the updated one? Also, what if I missed a previous version? Does the most recent one cover any previous ones?
  5. Just want to say thanks, i have successfully converted [COCO] Ahri outfit to 3BBB including the stockings which have the high heels applied to it. the only thing the stockings didn't cover were the toes, but thanks to your helpful information i got it working with minimal clipping even when in Poses. Here's proof with a screenshot i took, because of excitement i took a random one. enb2020_3_8_16_03_41.bmp
  6. Wow, thank you for that very detail information 🙂 I will most certainly give those links a try and see if I pick up something along the way that might be useful. As far as the feet go, I actually did think about adding the heels feet from another outfit or even just mods like Pumps which add only heels to the game and use the foot mesh as a reference, but even if I did try it I wouldn't have known what to do with it. I also saw the down side of just increasing the radius on the heels when taking screenshots, the feet become distorted with poses that have the feet angled. While just playing it doesn't become noticeable so in a way increasing the radius to let's say a 11 wouldn't be that bad. Well thanks again for that helpful information and for taking you time to provide links 👍
  7. Hi again, is there a tutorial video showing the updated way to fix the Unweighted Vertices especially outfits that use heels that extend to the thighs? I've read your update over and over but it don't make sense to me since I'm no expert with outfit studio. Also, if I add CBBE feet they don't take the shape of the heels, do I still use the feet as the reference? Sorry for being a noob 😔
  8. Thank you for the link. Funny enough, I started increasing the Vertices search radius by intervals of 1 until I got the right one. On Nightingale outfit by DX on the boots I had to go all the way to 18.1000 radius lol
  9. Hi, I had a question about converting to 3BBB Amazing, when the Unweighted Vertices warning appears I've had to go past 9 on some outfits, mainly those that have long boots or socks. Does going higher than 9 affect anything?
  10. if anyone wants to get rid of the spell rings for activation, you can generate the files to use with Poser HotKeys by running the Poser Generation Tool and just deactivate the esp and voila no spell rings added and no esp taking up a slot.
  11. Awesome, thanks you for this wonderful outfit 🙂 any plans for more outfits?
  12. Question about converting armors/clothing to 3BBB. I think I successfully converted Aradia Secretary mod but only because it don't have many pieces to the armor besides the body (includes bra, thong, and sleeves), the boots won't need conversion per the instructions, but what about armor mods, and clothing mods that have pieces for instance bra.osp, bottom.osp, and top.osp files? do we do one by one? Edit: So it seems Aradia Secretary Boots loads a reference body as well, so when I went in game to try out my conversion the thong part had the belly movement but not the belly itself I'm guessing due to the reference body loaded with the boots. Also the stockings didn't have the calf movement. Any tips on converting this part? Note: Aradia Boots loads both high heels and stockings together with a reference body.
  13. Awesome, thanks ill give them a try. I'm glad I wasn't the only one with this small issue.
  14. Hi, I decided to give this a try and so far I like that there is now a hotkey option instead of the spell option. One question though, it seems my player is trying to titty slap her self, it seems the breast bounce up and down too much any way to fix this. Basically when I sneak and get back up is when it happens and it's not like the motion on the gif you have on the page.
  15. I've tried this mod twice and for the most part i get it to work but it just seems confusing and a hassle with all the "smp full" or whatever other options are included in the installer. Plus having to deal with a magic spell don't really do it for me. It's just my opinion though. I do appreciate the authors work though. I'll just stick to SMP since I'm not looking for performance mods since i have a pretty good powerful rig.
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