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  1. Some animations don't seem to appear for me for some reason, for example I can't see the whole animation for "standblowjob_LOVESEAT". It only shows me the first part, without part 2 and the climax. And I feel like there are some other missing ones too, not sure if it's because I have many mods downloaded or if it's something else.
  2. First time I hear of this. Are you sure you're deleting and adding mods to Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 4? You shouldn't be having a problem if you're doing it this way.
  3. Elder Scrolls V Skyrim 2020.03.29 -
  4. Looking for CBBE Futa clothes/armor if there's any, basically any clothes with a bulge on them to make the female look like she has a penis.
  5. Wrong thread my man, this is Fallout not Skyrim.
  6. Not the best quality but it's something. Still new to video editing.
  7. Can anyone recreate the body in this video. I tried doing it myself but I couldn't get the butt, legs and hips to look like the one this person made.
  8. Big saggy bewbs: Fat legs: Last but not least, fat booty: Need to get my hands a new ENB and some new clothes...
  9. [Warning: Nude] Need to work on facial expressions and lighting. Also, need better places to take screenies.
  10. So usually when I'm using looksmenu, i go to the Body first then the camera automatically zooms into the face, but that doesn't work anymore. I also tried using "showlooksmenu 14", but that didn't work as well. I'm not sure as to what to do, since I want to edit my characters face but I can't do that since the camera is so far away.
  11. I'm looking for a mod that adds more skin colors to the character, getting bored of using Pale and Rosy.
  12. You have to make sure that the body you are using works with the texture mod you're using. Also, you have to make sure you copy the texture files into the player texture files if you are using Unique Player.
  13. I actually really like the Boobalicious Body, only problem is that all the armors have skirts and I don't like that. Is there a way to use the normal lower armor from DMRA armors but with the Boobalicious top? I did replace some of the cuirass of some armors to the Boobalicious ones, but the problem is that some armors come in one piece, and I want the lower part of that armor from the original DMRA armors, but the upper body of the Boobalicious.
  14. I managed to get the mod to work, but the problem is I installed BBB animations and the characters breasts and butt are tearing and going all over the place. Not sure what isn't working. I installed a BBB skeleton as well. I like that body, only problem is the vagina isn't appealing to me.
  15. I downloaded this mod, but I'm confused on how to use it. Reading the installation guide isn't helping either. Might just grab what body I like from there and see how that works.
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