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  1. U should place them in \sexbound-APİ-1.13.0\humanoid\Human{race of that texture}. It s easy way . there s already human folder there whch makes u unable to use nude texture even while u changed asset file . it took me some file to which mod changes it ^^
  2. Wow .. Server got pretty popular.
  3. there s server named earth extinction .https://starbound-servers.net/server/7669/ . u need to install mod pack . if u want to use nude pack u shoul place them in sexbound-api-xxx\humanoid\(wantedrace) .
  4. i found mod uses zoom hotkey but it s pretty old and not working . github Ilazki/build-mode maybe somebody can port it .
  5. there seems to be server with sexbound . . https://discord.gg/KmxXfgY have fun . finding server like this was hard :D
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