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  1. True. I never understand why people develop that "Us vs Them" mentality. SE or LE, it's still Skyrim.
  2. I'm curious, the one in the video has cloth physics. I have installed Pero's armour pack 3 but they don't seem to have that feature. Maybe this is a personal edit?
  3. You'd probably want to move your Skyrim's root folder to another drive. Installing it on the Local C drive is not advisable.
  4. To my knowledge, Bijin NPCs come with their own body meshes and textures. Have you tried copying the 3BA body mesh that you built in BodySlide into the Bijin NPCs' respective folders? Also remember to tick the "Build Morph" option so that you can further customize body shapes in-game. Edit: By "Bijin NPCs" I mean Bijin NPCs, Bijin Wives and Bijin Warmaidens collectively.
  5. Hi, is anyone else getting broken vagina mesh with the 3BA version? I'm using the latest version of 3BA body.
  6. I'm getting CTD when loading my saves with this mod enabled. I don't know what could go wrong. Edit: I changed the file back to .esp type and now it's working.
  7. Hi, can you have a look into this? For some the reason, when I use the "check pregnancy" function on Curie in her synth form, the message I get is : "No pregnancy data for ". I think the mod is failing to detect Curie somehow.
  8. It's Raider Children. It adds some spices to raider infested locations and more.
  9. Thanks, I did just that and found out that another mod is editing the precombines/previs. I moved that mod to the bottom of my loadorder and now things are back to normal.
  10. I actually looked it up. There is indeed a fix (more like a workaround) for this but I don't have the FPS to spare, sadly.
  11. Hi, I'm getting occlusion culling flickering in some interior cells with WDF (and its mods) enabled. Here are some screenies of what I'm experiencing. The location in the screenies is Kendall Hospital but I'm also getting this in some other interior cells. Here's my loadorder Any help is appreciated.
  12. How long have you had this problem? Is it just out of nowhere?
  13. Yeah I found them right after posting this. Oopsies. Also, may I ask, I found a magazine that gives me the Lactation perk, what does that perk actually do? Does it mean that my character will start leaking milk if I don't give her a milker or something? I haven't found all the magazines so I can't craft milkers atm.
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