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  1. Potato_Skill

    Sexout Tryout

    That's odd, if a mesh is missing, it stays that way instead disappearing then re-appearing in the game. Have you got SCR installed correctly ? Maybe you should just grab the choker meshes from the link I provided, it doesn't hurt.
  2. Potato_Skill

    Corrupt A Wish

    Granted. I wish I've never wished for anything.
  3. Potato_Skill

    Lovers Creatures 2.0

    Hi, I've installed Lovers Creatures 2 recently and everything works fine but those animal dicks. Well, I haven't played much of the mod but I noticed that the creatures don't have dick during sex ( I've only experienced this with dog and troll). I also have a mod that involves animal sex which is "Player Slave Encounter", the animals used by this mod have dicks like normal. So could it be something missing on my end ? I took a look at the "creatures" folder in the "meshes" folder and found a bunch of .nif "armor" files that I assume the mod will equip the creatures with during sex ?
  4. Potato_Skill

    how to mod oblivion in 2018

    Well, if you're talking about installing LAPF mods, you can head to this link, which was made by fejeena, very detailed, all you need to know is in there or check out this Quick Installation Guide where you can find a sample load order for your later on LAPF mods and some basic instructions. If you're talking about installing mods in general, I suggest you install the files manually; drag 'n drop the Meshes, Textures, .esp(s) files in your "Data" folder then Activate/Sort them out with your tool of choice (I personally use OBMM). Lastly, the armor mod in the thumbnail.... I couldn't find it anywhere, if you like bikini armors, perhaps this will interest you? I think you should take the picture of the thumbnail and post it on a "find this mod" thread.
  5. Potato_Skill

    Sexout Tryout

    Are you sure that the hair mesh is missing (do you see the slaves are bald or something) ? Because it could be the choker that's actually causing the missing mesh problem (as it is for many players). Anyway, if you need the choker mesh(es) , pop over here
  6. Well obviously because they don't want those damn robots to steal theirs mods, right ?
  7. Erhm, I've had my take on the scripting part and tbh, it doesn't look promising. Here's what I've come up with after a little while of searching on the internet. Mistakes are bound to happen but at least I'll get to understand scripting a bit more after this, right ?? Can you have a look at it and tell me where I got it wrong ?
  8. Thank you, fejeena, I'll look forward to it. Oh, in case you need the "demon-like creature" armor, you can go here to grab the .esp in case you need the RefID or something to use in your script. ( I don't think uploading the author's mod here w/ out permission is legal).
  9. Oh okay but can you show me how it's done? I think I'll start with a small script that equips then unequips the armor after a time set period
  10. Hi, I've just rencently downloaded a nice mod that adds a "Demon-like creature" into the game as a piece of clothing (amulet) for decoration/fashion only. I have a little request, can someone help me with making a custom spell using CS ? The spell I imagine should be simillar to the "summon bound armor" that's already in the vanilla game. However, I want my custom spell to: - Last for 2 minutes. - Give player infinite ammount of health (if that's possible; I just want the PC to be "cannot be killed" during the spell duration) - Give player damage output buff so that the player can kill (using weapons or spells) enemies with 1~2 hit(s). One thing of course, instead of equipping the bound armor, the spell equips the player with the "Demon-like creature" that can't be taken off during the spell duration. To make this spell not so OP, I think it should have an After Effect like "Drain Fatique" or "Drain Health" for a set ammount of time (if any of that is possible). Here is the "Demon-like creature" that I mention above, the very thing that gave me this idea which I would be so grateful if you guys can help me realize. Thank you all in advance.
  11. Potato_Skill

    Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18)

    Yeah, I did test it out myself. The reason I asked because I was looking for a "Blockhead.esp" in my Data folder.... Only to remember that Blockhead is actually an OBSE script. Yeah, Blockhead overrides the sexy/bound walk animation but it plays such a major role in my game that I've decided to bear with it. Thank you fejeena, you always provide a great help.
  12. Potato_Skill

    Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18)

    Hi, I've recently decided to try out your mod but I'm having difficulty right at the installing process . I took a look at the dates of the files you uploaded and assume that I only need to download 4 files which are : Meshes, Textures, Sounds and the v70.esp file, am I correct ? Can you please show me how to install this mod ? It looks really cool. Do I need to have Daedra Sutra Animations if I have the lastest version of LAPF installed ? I ask this bcause once I got my character enslaved, I noticed that the Ilde and the Walk Foward animation stayed unchanged while when I moved the other directions, my character moved with her arms tied behind her back (which they should be). I use Blockhead to get my PC unique animation, could this be the culprit ?
  13. Potato_Skill

    Sexout Tryout

    Oh, okay, I hope you'll get your gears back, just bear in mind the location of the locker so you don't have to wander around vault 19, ya know, wandering around with the slave outfit (not sure it's even an outfit, it barely covers anything), with no weapons to take out those Powder Gangers, with Tryout approach rate set to the very max ... you get the idea.
  14. Potato_Skill

    Sexout Tryout

    OKay, I'm gonna tell you where to find the locker based on my memory (could be a bad idea) because I think that my map may be incorrect. - Once you left the Vault 19 sex dungeon, turn right, you should see a room to the right of the corridor, that's the first room, ignore it, it's for navigating only, keep going. - After that room, you should find yourself a second room, also to the right of the corridor, that's Epstein's room, where his locker should be. (Note that if you go pass Epstein's room, you should be able to find the elevator to vault 19 living quarters, again, for navigating only). - If you're standing at the door/entrance of his room, you should straight up see a locker next to a desk, ignore it, look to the right side of the room. - To the right side of the room, there should be beds (2 beds i think), go there, look to the left side bed, there should be a locker there labeled as "Epstein's Locker". Hope this helps,pal.
  15. Potato_Skill

    Sexout Tryout

    Was any of the lockers you checked named "Epstein's Locker" ? Maybe my map was .... erm.... incorrect ...