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  1. Which I did when I reinstalled it. No go.
  2. I downloaded and using BSLALPACK v12.0SERev1.7z but it doesn't have the Casanova MFFFF animation that was in the LE SLAL pack. Is there another pack that has it?
  3. Reinstalled the mod, made sure to click all the features, and when I look in group, it doesn't appear.
  4. I downloaded the latest version (rev. 1.7z) and it didn't have it, unless I missed something.
  5. I finally made the switch to SSE and while I had some problems at first, they seem to be resolved. Not a perfect recreation of my LE setup (and that one broke anyway), but close enough. There are at least 3 items I would like to see ported to SSE: Dirty Talk Hetero/Bi (current port is Gay) Better Noble Beds/No Canopy on Noble Beds At least on consensual MFFFF animation (preferably FB Casanova MFFFF or a similar substitute).
  6. Yeah, the solution was pretty simple, I had to read the Devious Devices page! More specifically, I had to construct the devices in Bodyslide in order for them to appear. Some are a bit janky, but that's on my end do to rushing it instead of making sure the bodies and objects align properly.
  7. Probably have to go back and make sure that the hands and feet match the CBBE body I am using. I'll try that in my next run.
  8. Thanks. I decided to skip those for the moment. Will keep this in mind for future builds.
  9. Now the question for me is looking for bodyslides for companions. I try to avoid companions that don't include their own bodyslide sets, and even those need to be tested because they don't always convert to UNP Special. I am still a neophyte when it comes to bodyslide so I don't want to break anything by going too far. But so far only three companions sets have failed to work (Temptress, Pearl and Dovakini). I think I am finally setting up Skyrim the way I wanted it after all these years of trial and error. But that is on LE, not on SE. I think I will use SE for something different like OSex,
  10. Seem to have a problem with SoS and racemenu. I try to adjust the penis using racemenu, but it is broken. Vortex tells me that SoS is redundant. Is it a problem with SoS, XP skeleton or All-in-One?
  11. Thanks. I did. I seems to have some problem with the male pelvis, but I'll try to start a new game and hopefully that will fix it.
  12. It seems that there is some texture weirdness with bodyslide. The female texture seems fragmentated. Some parts have textures, the others don't.
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