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  1. I've seen the problem that NexusCron is talking about. Both breasts keep bouncing for a well after they should have stopped, but while the right eventually stops, the left keeps moving, like some demented slinky, while the rest acts as it should. And it keeps doing that even after the game has reloaded. Nexus did all the stuff you suggested, but it's still acting like perpetual motion jell-o, so there must be something that was overlooked.
  2. please convert this.... One of the expert converters should take this one on. I recall at least one person mentioning the difficulties involved, but I get the feeling that getting the butt to jiggle would probably be a magnum opus of sorts. From the looks of things, the boob jiggle is already in there, so your work is half-done. All that's needed is the rump. Of course, I'm sure there's some unforseen difficulty with this thing that I forgot about...
  3. Seconded. Let's see somebody get a quality bodyslide job done on this thing. I mean, how can we not have that butt jiggle when it wiggles?
  4. Hmm. How difficult would it be to make an HDT bodyslide version of this? Or has it been done already? http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/59408/?
  5. The putz will delete any posts on there that don't heap praises on him. Mine and NexusCron's were removed, I can tell.
  6. Why not make some latex lingerie outfits? more stuff that shows cleavage' date=' skin, even the ass?(I mean a thong.) Heh. Like this? I'd say her suggestion is a must-have. Just make sure the back of the bottom is a thong. The work I've seen here so far is great, and for her to trust you with thinking of making this speaks volumes of your abilities.
  7. And thus, we have a perfect example of how to not end a popular series. The devs may think they're being "artistic" or "daring" or something else, but the fact of the matter is, nobody likes to have the rug pulled out from under them and the shaggy dog shot when they were expecting a happy ending, especially when the devs have said that such a happy ending is possible. It's a massive disservice, and makes everyone go "Why the hell should I play the other games again if my choices don't matter?" Congrats, BioWare and EA. I'm dead serious when I say I could come up with better motivations for the reapers. At least mine wouldn't involve some of the dumbest insane troll logic ever created.
  8. Gray Sublime Archon by Eluveitie. 100% win.
  9. The Finntroll is especially amusing. The guys behind it got the idea for it after a night of heavy drinking. Polka death metal with swedish death vocals. It'll reduce a man to laughter, first at its hilarity, and then at its awesomeness.
  10. Let's see. I have a thing for european heavy metal. Finntroll, Therion, Blind Guardian, Eluveitie, those sorts of things. Fun stuff. Very fun stuff.
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