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  1. Had this happen to me too. Also happened with the piercing the owner gave me. They appear in my inventory but they were the common soulgem piercing and didnt lock on. Had to add the shocking piercing myself so that my pcs owner could use them.
  2. Ive been meaning to ask, in case of a miscarriage, can you add something to tell baby's father? Maybe have them respond in a comforting way? It came to mind as I was running around and realized my characters baby was at 90% and if she didn't get any rest soon, she would lose the baby. I have no idea if an Npc carrying the player's child can miscarry, but If they can, could it be implemented for them too? Also thank you for the dialogue update with Farkas, It was nice Is it only the player will ask him or will he approach you eventually? It would be cool for the male npcs to let
  3. Animations work fine for the mod. Sometimes switching to a different animation with sexlab tools helps if the animation begins that way. As for the bed issue, I found that any bed that is isn't a vanilla bed needs to be targeted and registered with the mod for it to added as a master bed.
  4. Your animations are awesome. Thank you for making them. Wishing you the best in whatever you choose to do next
  5. I was using a breezehome mod that has multiple adaption support in the other save. And for farkas child, I used Elysium estate since I ended up starting a new game and I don't use any alternate start mods. If you can still adopt the kids when they go to whiterun, then I will use it. I had only reinstalled it to check out farkas quest (which was so sweet btw) and since the child ended up as an adult, I uninstalled it again. But I will reinstall it later after she has gotten married to vilkas. Tbh, I'm waiting for content for him 😁
  6. The first time my pc gave birth (on another save game), the child spawned with the training option on and went to whiterun but I only saw the dialogue to send the child home when I went to check on him. I might have missed the adoption dialogue tho. I was just confused to why he didn't go home. In the one with farkas, I turned off the training option before she gave birth and she did have the baby, but it didn't grow. I waited 3 days and when I turned the training option back on, I got to name the child and then a message popped up that I could summon him. I didn't expect him to be an adult wh
  7. Tested the new version and I like it. The dialogue was good and I liked the small quest you did with him. Unfortunately I probably wont be using the new version of fertility mode anymore. Cant get the kids to spawn into hearthfire children. I only get adult followers now
  8. Meant to report this earlier but the "I was thinking.. dialogue still shows up after choosing an option. It disappears for a bit when you do pick but then it shows up again after a few hours. I am enjoying the mod alot tho. Cant wait to see where you go with the further development of it
  9. Checking in to report a bug. The tell the father dream option is not working. The dream box will continue to pop up everytime you sleep even after that option is chosen and there is no dialogue to let the father know. Father is Vilkas and also tried with Farkas and Marcurio to test with no luck.
  10. AHH.. Thank you for this! Also a small request to add Vilkas and Farkas to the list of unique dialogue, thank you again for this mod!
  11. I became so annoyed with this that I replaced the scripts with being whipped instead. The whipped animation wont play most of the time but im cool with that. she still drops from it and when it does play, he sends her into defeat.(I don't remember if the score drops as well but I think it does)Her master demands her obedience and will punish her for disobeying but he has no reason to kill his dragonborn, especially since he is very possessive over her. At least that is how I headcanon him as her dom anyway.
  12. stopquest vkjarmorrestriction stops it. I have the same issue with the playerhome only nudity rule.
  13. Im having a similar issue with the nudity player home only quest. I only get the beginning line and the master will repeat that till I use the stopquest console command.
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