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  1. there is a commonwealth underwear mod but dont know if its specifically for cbbe. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/15513
  2. thats so cool, u got so much done to revamp the mod in such short time. Good for you Trykz.
  3. i typically play on very hard with an2. its a tad slower than that for me i think. i will look to see though
  4. i use advanced needs from the nexus to make my own survival mode.. great mod so far Trykz love it. Trykz you ever think of making a discord for your mods?
  5. no lights for the fusion spine just colors? unless im just blind
  6. anyway to slow down the hud messages i cant read them fast enough before they just disappear
  7. i want my waifu to not have huge tiddies but every fusion girl preset i have installed make them huge. plz help me guys
  8. i tried finding where i dled the skin from but cant but ill get a screen of my char with it
  9. i found an awesome skin for this bot race.
  10. well fusion girl and body talk are widely popular here and the best bodies you can get, you can get somewhat reasonably proportioned bodies through bodyslide
  11. someone get a vid of this effect oh heck ill just play myself n see
  12. theres no mesh for the item either its just texture replacers? how do you get this to work
  13. where are the reg textures for this mod or are there any?
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