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  1. I'd say it's very very good, at least to my liking. You shouldn't bother about little things like sounds, it's just a game with it's limitations and conventionality (if it's even the correct word). But pacing, selection of scenes, position of camera is your work, and this part is great!
  2. Thanks, will try that. Missed some iconic landscapes cause he was in the middle.
  3. Strange, what I have is working, except for this bloody kid.
  4. So I bought Eco Lifestyle and, ehm.... it would be it about sneaky sex in the harbour... It seems that 'go away' from Teleport Any Sims doesn't works with kids, or maybe I have some conflicts. On the other hand - it was extra challenge trying to hide him behind
  5. Kiki is a bit intimidated by all these boys around as she saw most of them on screen, so she is not hurrying her first scene. She just live in the house and they treat her as a Josh's girlfriend. And in fact she is, they are very close. With him it's different, cause he's also quite new and she saw his scenes after they had sex. It was rough stuff and when she told him it made her super horny and she wants it that way, he fully devoted himself to the task. Her makeup may be destroyed, but it was something to remember. Thanks @erplederp for spiderweb idea! Kiki really needed it.
  6. Wow, I see this thread was a bit turbulent recently 🤔. Hope it's back on track, cause I just have my usual boring stuff 😉 I wanted to give more attention to my new girls and introduced them properly, cause I'm really happy about them. Not in spoiler, files are light. Liya was starring in one of my recent comics. She's from Russia but was recently living in Windenburg and shooting some amateur porn there. Then she was noticed and invited to Del Sol Valley by the guy owning small but prospective porn movie studio, known as The Boss. She is funny and easy-going girl, with very natural approach to body and sex. She treats it as dancing or eating - she just do it when she wants with anyone she likes. She's by no means innocent, but very sensual in her sexuality. And you can see it looking at her body, which I really like - not sure if it's proper English, but I'd say she's not chubby but abundant. And funny thing - she's not an exhibitionist but she likes being naked among people she knows well, but she always suntans in bikini cause she wants natural tanlines. The second girls is Kiki, completely opposite to Liya. Her hobby is bodybuiding and she works as a coach in a local gym. She treats her body as a work of arts (in the making) - it's well sculptured now, with nice fake boobs (well made but she forgot that bodybuilding will raise them, so they are a bit too high) and 9 tattoos, but for sure she's gonna have more. She's a "hey dude" type of girl you know from local gyms, and a bit of 80s punk type. Never shooting porn, but when Josh was "subtly" joking about her tattoos and big black cocks, they quickly ended up in a shower and then she decided to give it a try.. And here are the girls together. They are both newbies, they joined the house at the same time, and probably because of that they befriended right away. Here is the first photo session together and a little bit of sex later.
  7. @2cool4u_1 you made very disrespective comment about sims with disproportionate bodies (super huge breast, ass etc.) a while ago. Some of my girls and I felt personally offended. No, I'm kidding, I totally didn't I guess you talk about sims for which huge breast and ass are the only distinctive features with no real effort put in them and there I totally agree. In fact you inspired me to finally do my take on Kitty Summers comics of John Persons, with all its iconic stupidity, cliches and stereotypes. Here is the result. And here the porn part begins...
  8. I'm back after a while. No particular reason of the break, I was just doing other things. Hope you and your families are all good! I put together a short comic story. Not from my NOIR series (which is on hold, I'm thinking of the second season), just simple and funny porn story about a cultural exchange, so to speak Also the new girl is starring, inspired by Liya Silver. I always say 'inspired' about my creations cause they're never even close to real persons. But I'm very happy with the result, love her face and big natural boobies with light nipples. For those who doesn't know my works - nice pictures but hardcore porn. It's in a spoiler, just be warned if you don't like this kind of stuff. Have fun and let me know if you like it!
  9. It took me a while but eventually Episode 8 of my PORN-NOIR series - big day - is ready! It's 40 pictures in the spoiler but ir's worth it Finally the big day comes and Katia shoots her scene with acclaimed performer Veiny Johnny. On the set Katia meets Keisha Krey, the pornstar she adores, who turns out to be Johnny's wife filming and directing the scene. All goes well. It goes much too well according to Keisha who gives Katia unexpected advice. Previously on PORN-NOIR Episode 8 - big day
  10. Great one, I like the facial expressions and the story flow! I don't know how it works for you, but for me bubbles bring extra layers to simple pics, they allow to present actors in more detail, even though it's a lot of work. Happy to see more of this story. I slipped a bit with my Episode 8, still in progres, so it's nice to see another comic here
  11. My PORN-NOIR series continues. Some pics below, full stories on R-Lo's Photography corner. Chapter 6 - sex, lies and photoshoot Chapter 7 - guess who's back?
  12. I left my sims for a while, having another playthrough in Outer Worlds, and as always I see a lot of great stuff here when I'm back! Back to my PORN-NOIR serial drama, here is the Episode 7 - guess who's back? No surprise for those watching it from the beginning, I guess. Have fun! Previously on PORN-NOIR Episode 7 - guess who's back?
  13. Guys, Happy Valentine's too! As it should be on that day, my PORN-NOIR series is getting emotional. Katia has a great sex with Frederik during a photoshoot, but she's a bit puzzled what to do with it. At the same time Kenzie and Thalia are having a huge fight and something to think about… A bit of reading here and there, but I think it's worth it. Previously on PORN-NOIR Episode 6 - sex, lies and photoshoot [edit: I messed up with some pics, now it's fine]
  14. Reposting some pics from episodes 4 & 5 of my PORN-NOIR series. Full story on R-Lo's Photography Corner, if somebody is interested, and links below. Episode 4 - Thalia is a pro! Episode 5 - two assholes
  15. PORN-NOIR Episode 5 - Two assholes Back with next episode. Katia needs money so she agrees to shoot with Jackie and Bobby. Frederik warns her it's not good for a start. Unfortunately, he's right. Previously on PORN-NOIR Episode 5 - Two assholes
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