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  1. Ok when i go back to Captain about inquiry of the crime i get the option (like i wanna be in bed with him for mini game) so i have a dialogue "Alright but ill do it with my hand" even though i selected " the investigation first" then he sayss to meet at a certain place and when the player meets captain at that home no dialogue that triggers the mini game appears? can anyone help
  2. ummmm im skipping till events like 0.7.2 ? and nothing happens characters stood there where it is and had to just use other means to get it in motion .... then i fast travel to falkareath and nothing happens no horse dead body near try nothing?
  3. anyone can give me translated mod 0.8?
  4. damn i was hoping that someone from community will translate :") THUMBS Up for the try boy :")
  5. mean later fucking with lod in his house to do that you need to get back when zoe tells u to rest for a good night sleep ... go ask lod if he is interested in giving some space
  6. I don't think you ever have to go to the jarls house because of this mod.. not that I remember. yes u are right but this branch is yet to be filled by dogma .... in v2 this branch is emty and in v3 its surely gonna be filled with juicy stuff i guess lol
  7. cant enter jarls house in falkareath .. guard stops me to enter ... is it bcz of this mode? any story linked till yet?
  8. ummm what happens when the two bandits fight to fuck ... mean they fight for eternity lol?
  9. what is the use of ultimate health potion?
  10. how to initiate sex with kust ... like at what stage dialogue appears ... when he is drunk in the tavern or later?| cz i did all the karma things right i guess
  11. guys when i say ill make amends at the night .... what exactly i had to do later ... like talk to hulda and she will direct me to the thief and i chase her so when do i make amends like i have to wait till 12am? like what to do
  12. Umm im stuck .... in bannered mere .. the guest just stands there no action ... any possible solution?
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