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  1. after you say that I re-setup my skyrim and installed BHUNP but I couldnt find anything about HDT-PE what is this where can I get that.
  2. Hi, everyone! Im using rudy enb for SE and Im kind a new at enb things. I see on screenshot topic everyone has beatifull looks but I dont.. I dont know why our games look so diffrent I use rudy but probly my settings are diffrent. So I wanted to ask for someone can share Rudy tweaks with me? Or should I switch my ENB for better skins and sex experience? (sorry for my English)
  3. pls tell me how your characters dick fit inside of vagina perfectly? Im on SE I have everything like hdt vagina but it doesnt fit perfeclty as yours..
  4. Well I use Touched By Dibella and SAM Light with SOS patch so basicly its SOS (I think) my problem is my character penis doesnt go inside vagina. It does look like working but not proprly. How Can I fix that? Also I dont use sexlab Im at SE and using osex and flowergirls.
  5. Im trying to use it but not working.Passive button working(my character asking npc for money and after sex)but other button not working.I re-install the mod 2 time and evrytime i try to click that button its working but after second try same again..Also sex times are 70 second ı mean stage 1 stage 2 ...But evrything done in 10 second.(sorry i know i have terrble english :F But i can understand problem coming when i try to write/speak)
  6. I played skyrim very long time and ı want to play fallout 4...But im a mod addic i cant play without sex,body and texture mods..And thats why i want your help guys.I literally dont know what should i get for fallout 4 sex mod..I mean like XP32skeleton,skyu,fnis,hdt pshic ...You know theese are basic set-up for sexlab framework and many think..Can you share your mod list or can u help me with set-up...And there it is my mod list...(sorry for my english im not native speaker)
  7. Okey finally i created kind of ''good looking'' guy..After lot of mod and progress i want to share with you guys ..Do you like it ? Or.. is this guy not worth as i thought? (Sorry for my bad english im not native speaker..) Without shop..
  8. I just didin see ''added sexlab'' part..Thats why i edited my post But seems like thats looking impossible to make..I mean you should make for khajit or argonian their voices are kind of diffrent from human species right ? Even if you just do for female/male its still big work to complate..
  9. Edit:Okey i think thats all about sexlab... Exactly i want to touch my sex partner...I mean like gta v strip clubs ...I mean when you are doing doggy your hands must be free to touch right ? OFC we need to control as where we want to touch...Maybe with mouse or something idk.
  10. Hes keep calling me ''princess'' im okey with that.. (sorry i dont know how to add spoiler for pictures)
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