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  1. Sadly there is only 1 mod on the Steam Workshop that restores the portrait to the original "Swolphin" by removing his clothes ala original press release. Very low res and does nothing for me. Hoping someone will take up that challenge again,
  2. I agree, close but a little modification required. Sadly not in my skillset so I put it to my equally depraved community.
  3. The mod originally controlled this through a 0 cost trait, with the latest update Paradox made this into a mainline feature so I imagine that Lithia is seeing if it can be incorporated into the mod and hooked into all of the features that are currently keyed off the traits.
  4. So no phalic shaped tentacle portraits in the upcoming aquatics race pack. Who is going to step up? Bonus points for animation of the portraits (those are the best packs in my opinion).
  5. Can't say if its 100%, but I have not noticed an issue with my game so far.
  6. There is a lot of % based job bonuses, I agree. I like the idea of the building, but amenities are so easy to come by with LV that it feels like a fake cost when compared to the base 40% job bonus. More % increases are sprinkled in with the tradition tree and traits and it gets out of hand. I would not be opposed to a balance pass reducing numbers across the board while keeping the core mechanics.
  7. Odd question for the developer: Is there a specific reason you chose to implement the gaped traits rather than make use of the pop-specific conditions? The more I play with it, the more I find that the sub-species bloat from so many different gaped traits is getting out of hand. You currently have the "Sore from horsecock" pop malus that floats around, any reason you chose not to instead make the gapped function in the same way? It may be a departure from your original idea, but it could improve the mods gameplay without running afoul of the games UI.
  8. Thank you for this, fixing other peoples bugs can be a thankless task but I appreciate your work! Edit: Bug report I believe you forgot to package the descriptor.mod file with the patches. It does not apear in the paradox launcher otherwise. I made one up and uploaded it below. descriptor.mod
  9. Thanks for the reviews! Sounds interesting, but I am going to wait on the translation as I know ZERO Chinese and Japanese. I am hoping for a balanced mod somewhat close to vanilla, mods that are grossly overpowered compared to the base game tend to turn me off. The work that went into this already is very impressive it sounds like.
  10. It not a bug, but rather an inherent problem with the original sexopolis mod. Tentacle worlds as a starting origin simply don't work well for the resource problems you mentioned. They are pseudo archologies and as such don't produce proper resources and you end up crashing your economy from the start. Working as intended, just not perticularly balanced.
  11. Mind giving a short explanation/review as someone who has played it? The front page description is somewhat lacking.
  12. That's why all the planets around me are continental! I thought it was a bug with planetary diversity...
  13. I like the system as well, good idea. Not necessarily a bug but is it intended that all male pops can get the "sore from too large cock" pop malus and "Gaped anus and vagina" trait? My initial thought is that the trait at least should be limited to pops that don't have the trait themselves. Honestly I think the building would be an attractive option if you cut the values to 1/4 the current values, even if it is planet unique.
  14. I like these balance suggestions, as great as the ideas behind these mods are the gameplay balance tends to degrade over time. You eventually end up with a mudded game where no vanilla content is used because it is underpowered compared to the stuff added by mods. Just an observation not necessarily a complaint. I think there was a comment a while back that sex jobs were going to get a revision pass to account for the base game population rebalance from a few patches ago. This would be an ideal time to make revisions to these planets for balance changes I think.
  15. Congratulations on the mod! I will try it out and report back. My first gut reaction is that the Cow clinic job yields may be a little over the top. That is strictly a balance issue that bears further testing though. I am most interested in the archeology site; I love this feature for its ability to tell stories within the game. Edit: Also the first bug report. Your .mod file path is invalid so the mod does not show up in the launcher. You can use the generalised path="mod/LV_Expansion" and it works. Very common issue for a version 1 mod and easy to fix.
  16. The AI wanting to terraform everything into tentacle worlds then not knowing how to build districts on them is an outstanding bug that was never solved from the original Sexopolis mod. The Tentacle world Origin was also notoriously buggy as a start. Just loaded up a new game with it and all the building slots are open by default. Some tweaking of tentacle world in general might be in order now that the mod has been absorbed and can be updated. A way to produce basic resources such as energy would also smooth out this start.
  17. A nymphomania colossus? Forced gene modification of the planets entire population similar to the "Lewd Titan" event chain from Wild Lescivity?
  18. Don't forget that there apears to be a new planet cracker varient that drowns a planet in a torrent of liquid. Impregnating planets anyone? Even more ironic if you do this to a planet that has the "living planet" modifier.
  19. Hello Loverslab comunity! Just returning to CK3 after a long break to find this lovely mod has emerged. For someone out of the loop for a while, has this mod effectively replaced the old "simple Slits and Shafts" mods? I used to use them as well as the "Human phenotype project" but I am wiling to convert if people are having good success with this mod. Any suggestions?
  20. While I don't know your perticular issue, I have both Sexopolis+Lustfull Void as well as a couple of Tradition mods all working properly. Maybe look elsewhere or at your load order?
  21. I am most interested in that crisis UI. No idea what it says, but a sexual end game crisis sounds compelling.
  22. Similar idea would be replacing city district clerks with whore jobs.
  23. I am not a modder, so I can't help you with the coding but what about modifying the code of the "gospel of the masses" civic to give xenophile pops +1 unity? Looking at that might at least give you a start on the code. I think Lustful Void is already pretty heavy in the Pop Growth/Happiness/Society research departments so diversifying a bit like you seem to be doing looks very good.
  24. Thanks for the reply. I know there is a workaround using the Origin system, but what I am speaking of specifically is that there used to be a decision once you were in game (it was either on your capitol or in the policy tab, can't quite remember). It would split half your main population into two new species; one all male, the other all female. From there you could gene mod as you wished. I think this was before the synergy benefits were implemented.
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