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  1. Hello Loverslab comunity! Just returning to CK3 after a long break to find this lovely mod has emerged. For someone out of the loop for a while, has this mod effectively replaced the old "simple Slits and Shafts" mods? I used to use them as well as the "Human phenotype project" but I am wiling to convert if people are having good success with this mod. Any suggestions?
  2. While I don't know your perticular issue, I have both Sexopolis+Lustfull Void as well as a couple of Tradition mods all working properly. Maybe look elsewhere or at your load order?
  3. I am most interested in that crisis UI. No idea what it says, but a sexual end game crisis sounds compelling.
  4. Similar idea would be replacing city district clerks with whore jobs.
  5. I am not a modder, so I can't help you with the coding but what about modifying the code of the "gospel of the masses" civic to give xenophile pops +1 unity? Looking at that might at least give you a start on the code. I think Lustful Void is already pretty heavy in the Pop Growth/Happiness/Society research departments so diversifying a bit like you seem to be doing looks very good.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I know there is a workaround using the Origin system, but what I am speaking of specifically is that there used to be a decision once you were in game (it was either on your capitol or in the policy tab, can't quite remember). It would split half your main population into two new species; one all male, the other all female. From there you could gene mod as you wished. I think this was before the synergy benefits were implemented.
  7. Question for the community: I seem to remember at one point in this mod you were able to separate you main species in two, an all male species and an all female species for the purposes of genetic modification. Anyone remember what happened to this feature? I am looking for something similar for my game (either in this mod or another), where I would be able to make gender dimorphism in my main species with more unique specialization between the sexes. Thanks in advance.
  8. I do feel your pain ahnkra, but I tend to find that these patches are all in the name of improving the game. I am very happy for instance that they unlocked traditions this time; it had always been a hard thing to mod before and a part of the game that was sorely underutilized. Its annoying when yor mods break, but also kind of fun taking a look through the workshop and finding new mods!
  9. It is time! 3.1 is here everyone. So far the only thing that broke for me is that the trait picks and trait points were reverted to vanilla. Anyone else have any thoughts on the new patch? Edit: also all my tradition mods got bamboozled by the update; probably going to take some time for the mod authors to figure out the new system. Good news is that they will be more compatible with each other afterwards though!
  10. I think there is a lot of possibility for good sexual artifacts with the new dlc. The only hurdle I see though is the decision to make the royal court full 3d, which will require more effort on the moders part as not many CK moders have 3d experience as far as I can tell. If that can be worked around I am looking forward to the Loverslab treatment for "Trophy Wives"...
  11. Well said with full citation of sources. I am impressed sir!
  12. In addition to the coding issues already mentioned there is a problem here of legal age of consent. While 16 seems old for the medieval setting of CK3 it is on the young side for more modern laws. Loverslab itself even has rules about posting and discussing underage content that prohibits this, so I think you will have problems finding this kind of thing on the forum. Hope that helps in a more... constructive manner.
  13. So now that we have gotten our hands on "Dick", what do people think? Was this the "Dick" we were craving? Are there any parts of "Dick" that we can take and make our own here on Loverslab? I personally really love "Dick" and hope the modding community starts using their imaginations when it comes to new and exciting mods... for "Dic". I'm sorry, but it had to be done. In all seriousness I think there are some interesting systems in this update and wanted to get peoples ideas to see if Loverslab mods can make use of them either in lustful void or as separate mods. For instance: - Galactic community/Caretaker: How about some lewd community proposals? Making tentacle blockers be a protected species like the space wales? Encouraging the galactic slave trade? Free migration treaties? I think there could be some creative space here. As Emperor you could enact a galactic haram from all the member species? - Become the crisis: Would it be possible to reuse this UI for something non-genocidal? Accruing points for making hybrids or having a diverse number of species in your empire. Make the lewder aspects of the mods into a kind of minigame where you can gain benefits at different tiers for doing lewd things in the game. Final tier would not be galactic annihilation obviously but I could see you winning by breeding out all other species until only you remain?
  14. Most of the mods that deal with megaprojects and their districts have been struggling with the new building/housing code it apears. For instansce this mod you start with A LOT of unlocked building slots which should not be. I am not versed enough to know how to fix it though, sorry.
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