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  1. I kind of wonder how people play their games sometimes; closer to vanilla or decked out to the nines with mods? I have the unfortunate habit of modding my games into the ground. Anytime I find a mechanic or even minor thing that bugs me I instantly start looking for a mod to fix it. My games end up with rather impressive lists of mods that inevitably break. I sometimes think I spend more time modding then actually playing the games.
  2. I will give my basic troubleshooting, hope it helps. 1) Disable everything except Sexopolis in the paradox mod manager; start up the game and see if the mod works - If it does then add in more mods restarting as you go to test for compatibility. This can take a while if you have many mods. Never enable more mods at once then you can easily sort through if the game fails to work properly. 2) Remember that lower in the paradox launcher load order means higher priority. Big mods with sweeping changes to gameplay should be higher, and smaller focused mods lower. The ex
  3. I second the request for a more unobtrusive sidebar. Even collapsed it reserves all the space underneath it shrinking all posts horizontally. When collapsed it should nest up to the header and allow the posts to expand to the full width of the screen. Thanks for the work on this. The new theme looks good overall.
  4. Even if this mod sticks to the existing game mechanics I think it could make great use of the secrets and hook mechanic, To that end could I make an event suggestion? An event chain for organizing threesomes. Possible with multiple lovers, or if you and your spouse meet certain requirements. This would probably be a multi part event over a short period of time. Event 1: The character has the idea to host a threesome; flavor text as necessary. Event options could include: A - (Has multiple lovers/concubines/spouses) Have a threesome with two of your love
  5. Thanks for the reply Cheri, to bad about the limitation for futa laws. Again great work as always, just trying to get a feel for why things are the way they are. Here's hoping the game code is opened up in the future to let your work truly shine!
  6. I would like to second (or third or fourth...) the sentiment of gameplay over porn; hentai games I tend to stick with are ones that have longevity. If it is oriented towards a single playthrough with a linear progression then you are paiting yourself into a corner design wise. To that end I have always been partial to strategy/city building games (both normal and erotic). Reading your game pitch I for some reason instantly thought of "Surviving the aftermath". Not a porn game but its base building and worker management seems to be similar to what you were aiming for. Something alo
  7. Wanted to thank everyone involved for this mod, it have made my African Daurama game very interesting. Question regarding the Futanari succession law: I have found it under the title screen but have a small problem. If you pass this on your primary title (in my case the kingdom of Hauslan) your character succession tends to suffer as it is an elective law that selects from your family or any of your vassals. Initially I thought to implement this on my vassals dutchy titles and keep my succession stable, but I now realize that you can only pass this law on titles you pe
  8. I believe this has always been the case; Next Gen consoles are comparable to high spec PC's near the very start of their life, but fall further and further behind as time goes by. The console is by its generational release schedule not able to keep up with PC's gradual improvement and retrofitting its own hardware. I think 27X may have been a little harsh but I do not disagree with his conclusion.
  9. First off I would like to thank you for the great mod; I am enjoying the content tremendously and wanted to bring up something that I noticed in one of my games as a Motherly Hive. Given that there is likely going to be a major overhaul of pops and districts/buildings coming in the 2.9 update, I think a reevaluation of the Motherly Hive origin will be required. It is already rather unbalanced, allowing you to generate a lot of pop growth speed and unity very early. Based on my experience and what Paradox has revealed about the update I may recommend the following; all subject to ch
  10. The SE mod series just got a version 2! name is SE: Human 2 It looks very promising and was wondering if it has any possibilities for this community? Looks like the author is trying to implement more full body views and more context based animations. Seems like a good fit for our particular fetishes no?
  11. Visually I think Cyberpunk is very impressive, I have no complaints about the level of visuals CDPR has put in the game. I think the main departure that shocked people is that Night City is not a "clean" sci-fi setting, nore is it an anime style supercity like is seen bladerunner or Ghost in the shell. It is more a near-future western city; social problems like crime and garbage removal are still a problem, and it lacks the clean lines and chrome that has defined the sci-fi setting for a long time. Another thing to think about early mods is that the game is going to go through m
  12. Got to love that "No head" cybermod that gives you immunity to headshots. Makes the game so easy. To bad CDPR didn't give it a penalty to your romance options though...
  13. I believe that someone mentioned the mod "The Bronze Age" from the workshop having implemented Egyptian style male clothing with exposed upper body. I have never looked at it myself but if that is true could the same principles be applied to female clothing? Take this with a grain of salt as I have never looked into this myself.
  14. Thanks Siudhne, I appreciate your understanding. Speaking as someone who understands only the very basics of how mods are created I fall squarely in the "Wishlist" group of people. I even once tried to learn modding/game creation and ended up with very little to show for it after a few months. There was an old thread on this forum discussing ancient fashion trends that featured exposed cleavage etc. I don't think it went very far but might give people who are better equipped to implement this some inspiration.
  15. Any number of reasons are possible. Could be they released a general build of the game to all regions then patched to comply with regional requirements. If they were in a rush to ship that would save them time not having to create different versions of the game for each potential market.
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