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  1. A content selector would be a nice touch, I personally would also like to ask for a version that shrinks the images down into the normal stelaris event window. Big pictures are nice to show off the sexy, but I play on a large monitor and some of those pop ups are quite jarring when they fire and wallpaper your entire screen suddenly.
  2. I hear you. I needed to revert the code because it broke my Syncratic Evolution/All Male Intercompatable Sperm/All Female Intercompatable Womb race. It does for me. I installed it as follows: 1) Lustful Void main File 2) Any of the Sexy Xenos Files you want (Most important is the 1.9 file; the rest are to your taste, but I installed them all) 3) Lustful Void "Patches" file back from here. Just overwrite everything as it prompts you.
  3. Thanks vunrtdofrt I will take a look. was going to start a new game anyways. I will let you know how it feels.
  4. Specifically the xeno-compatability perk requires xenophile; at least one other race; and gene tailoring researched. The benefit and potential flaw with using xeno-compatability as the base for a larger mod project is that it is already integrated into the game. The ai is programmed to work with the system and should be able to use it more capably then something grafted into the game; conversely fiddling with something that is already embedded into the game is a lot more difficult to do without breaking other parts of the code in unexpected ways. At least that is my limited understanding of the problem.
  5. Locking it behind the ascension perk limits it to xenophile races so that may not be optimal. If you could force the perk on at the beginning of the game for everyone that may reduce the overhead as you are making use of an already implemented system. The problem as I understand it though is the developer might not have that much freedom to play with the system as they want to without risking breaking other interrelated systems already in the game.
  6. So trying out the new hotfix now, I will let you know if I find any bugs. My hot take on the balance changes: The change to cost 4 on the breeding traits seems... inelegant. Interbreeding of species is king of the reason we are all here, so making this cost 4 along with the "all female/male" traits feels like a limitation of creative freedom rather than a progressive balance change. It makes it prohibitively expensive to take one of both. Is there any way to code these traits to be less appealing for the AI to pick? I feel like these sexy traits are more descriptive rather than hard stat modifiers so I am of the opinion that they should be cheep and not consume many choice slots. Keep up the good work!
  7. Would it be possible to switch the ascension perk "on" all the time? I don't know the script, but could you make it so every faction starts with this ascension perk at the beginning of the game regardless? You may not be able to bend it to your will as easily as something you make yourself, but I think it would be less prone to odd interactions.
  8. I have had this happen to me as well; hybrids without a biome preference.
  9. What are the designers intentions regarding the Xeno-Comparability Ascension perk? It is very similar to the design goal of the mod and I was wondering if that was intentional. The perk lets you create hybrids in a similar way to this mod so I wanted to know if the intention was to have them stack, or will they interact in some special way down the line? Another more radical option is to figure out how to give this perk to everyone on game start and use it as the basis for your breeding going forwards. Some ideas for ascension perks: -Institutionalized Sexual slavery: removes the slavery penalty to Unity production and Slave pops increase happiness of normal pops. Masochistic pops get a happiness boost. -Breeder Citizenship: Low amenities usage; low pop political power; increased pop growth speed. -"Legal Rape" purge type: Slow pop decline but a new pop of your primary species appears when the undesirable pop dies. -Brothel worlds: Similar to Arcology world but districts produce trade; immagration pull; ammenaties; etc. Sex worlds basically. -"Sexual Renaissance" Ascension path: Lowering of social inhibitions lets pops start developing kinks/fetishes in the form or new skills on leaders. -Deviant Tastes: Kinks/fetish skills are doubled in power but also have a negative. Skills tend to be "darker". -Polygamous Xenology: Pops are encouraged to carry on multiple romantic relationships with as many xeno species as possible; migration treaties with other civilizations are twice as strong. -Breed Them Out: A planet controlled by another civilisation with your primary species comprising more than 50% of their total population flips to your control. I like the idea of "peaceful conquest" through migration.
  10. I am currently playing through with a few other mods active, and it seems like planetary modifiers could be an interesting direction to go in. Things Like "Titanic Life" and Atmospheric Aphrodisiacs/Hallucinogens" are already in game, event chains surrounding colonies on those planets would be great. Colonists trying to breed with the local wildlife for example or Atmospheric Aphrodisiacs spontaneously causing orgies and cutting planet productivity.
  11. That is in the base game believe it or not! Nihilistic Acquisition is an ascension perk that let you "raid" with orbital bombardment basically abducting pops rather than killing them. The implants are called "Nerve Staples" available through the gene modding accession path; constant 100% happiness and better "slave" outputs but worse specialist.
  12. Thanks for the response to my feedback. Great work to the developers here and for keeping us up to date, you have a great thing going here!
  13. Great I just wanted to see if you were still looking to develop what is in game already, and it appears you are. I just want to say right off the bat that I absolutely adore what you are doing here, and most of my feedback is simply to see how you in tended this to work and what you want in the long run. In no particular order: 1) Are you aiming for "Stalaris with porn" or "Porn with Stalaris"? I ask because a lot of the traits added are extremely powerful and I see myself taking vary few original traits with these additions. Due to the high cost of the traits you are also more often then not steered into very sexualised races with little going on otherwise. Cost 3 and 4 were extremely rare in the base game but now are common. The larger penalties and 2 extra choices and point at character creation do help with this but I am wondering if you are interested in looking at the overall cost/benefit ration of the traits. 2) All Males; All Females; Brood Parasite. I understand the logic you have position on why they work with the -40% penalty, and there is a side benefit due to the mechanics of being able to guarantee male/female bias and being able to build an extremely stacked race towards that. Would this make more sense as a "negative" trait that gave you more points to work with? Related to the cost of traits mention in 1) I find myself wanting more of these sexual traits without infringing on other traits to flush out the role play of the species; we have some rather potent negatives such as sex crazed and seasonal breeder, but increasing the give and take could help game balance in my view. 3) Intercompatable Womb/Sperm. This is kind of the point of the mod so its cost 2 kind of limits its utility. What would happen if this lost most of its bonuses but became a 0 cost ability? There would be a tangential cost of it still taking up one of your 7 trait slots but it would not directly cost you points. 4) There are a few other traits that are strictly better than another. Multiple Breasts > Large Breasts as MB gives an additional -5% housing usage and +5% Xeno Attraction. Simalarly Taking Seasonal Breeders + Exhibitionist results in a net gain of Trait point and +15% happiness +20% Xeno Ethics Attraction. Aphrodisiac Milk > High Volume Lactation in a net gain of +10 happiness. Small Breasts is a "penalty" with -5% amenities usage. None of these are strictly bad if that was the intent, but I just want to get your thoughts on the matter. 5) Immigration pull might be a good stat to work into your traits. I like the idea that your pops are so ridiculously sexy that they attracts other races to come and immigrate to have sex with them, and it could make for some interesting game play mechanics where you actively try to steal pops from other planets while at peace. Working in more stats down the road would also help with the "semeyness" of some of the traits currently. 6) Robots seem to be a little lacking in variety for traits. Lots of unity but not much else kinky; I don't have any ideas on this right now, and as you say this is an early framework so I am sure you are aware of that. 6) Any chance of a version of the mod with the event pictures being resized into the normal stelaris window? I love the art you have chosen, don't get me wrong but it is a little jarring to me when these suddenly pop up on screen. It would be harder to see " the action" but would help with the games long term play-ability I think. Again I want to thank you so much for this mod, it has made Stelaris worth playing again for me. I don't want you to think I am criticizing for my long post, I just want to get my input into a great project that I hope takes off.
  14. Working for me on 2.2.7. Thank you for doing this mod by the way, 10/10. I have already remade most of my races and there are some true gems here. Life Seeded; Inward Perfectionists. Incubator Breasts; Drooling Vajinas; Breeder Hips; Nudist; Seasonal Breeders; Sexually Repressed; Small Penis. AKA "They are afraid that the Xeno scum will come and take away their crazy hot women." Rogue Servitors. Biotrophies are: Traditional; Neuron Saliva; Aphrodisiac Milk; Sex Crazed; Watery Milk; Small Breasts; Inter compatible womb. AKA "Robots made to take care of their sex crazed and hedonistic masters" Phanatic Xenophile; Spiratulist. Syncratic Evolution with one species being solely female breeding stock and the other solely male studs. AKA "The cult of sex." I am realy enjoying this. I do have some questions about your design philosophy and wanted to know if you are looking for creative feedback/game balance feedback.
  15. Just FYI but as you may have guessed Syncretic evolution as a great trait in this mod... free starting stud race!
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