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  1. Bravo Lithia; lets keep this cordial. I have tried out games with and without BlueWinds add-on (because I believe her intention was just an alternate interpretation on LV systems). BlueWinds decision to repackage her add-on/mod with LV files is legally a little grey, but I think this was done not to try and claim ownership but to prevent her add-on from breaking with every update to LV. LV buildings are very good and creative, my only criticism is that they give the trade or consumer goods buildings to hive minds that do not use those resources is a little clumsy. BlueWinds is simply trying to get around this by tying the LV buildings to their closest counterpart in game and letting the Stellaris engine handle who gets to build them. The LV buildings also tend to be slightly superior to their vanilla counterparts thus invalidating the vanilla buildings. The Dairy already has a decisions system in place that lets you determine what resources are produced; could these two design ideas be integrated together? Personally The Dairy is unique enough to stand on its own building, but I like BlueWinds direction of re-skinning vanilla assets to make the line of LV building less obviously modded in. Keep up the good work everyone!
  2. So I had some ideas on possible relics to add with this mod; let me know what you think. I have a description for the artifact itself, but not the archaeology events, they will need more writing to make it feel interesting. All my suggestions are up for change/balancing as needed. Zroni Servitude Framework (Picture of an exotic looking whip) Description: Upon discovering the ability to project their minds into the shroud the Zroni civilization quickly realised that their corporeal bodies remained incredibly vulnerable to attack and neglect during extended stays in the dark dimension. In order to enable their extrasensory pursuits the Zroni implemented an extensive system of indentured servitude where their every need was catered to by loyal servants. These trustworthy slaves obedience were ensured by a combination of social policies and subtle psychic manipulation. Without the Zroni's prodigious psychic ability we are unable to fully recreate this system, but with minor modification it could be implemented to satisfy our populations more... carnal urges. Passive Effect: Pops with the Domestic servitude slavery type produce +2 unity while unemployed. Active Effect: Indentured Sexual Service Cost: 150 influence - +15% slave happiness, +5% citizen pop happiness for 120 months. The Anticodex (Picture of a datapad with porn on it) Description: During the creation of the Omnicodex to catalog alien species genetic codes, a second less altruistic repository was developed. This archive of genetic material was comprised of altered genetic sequences with greater emphasis on sexual characteristics and decreased inhibition. Whether it was a clandestine attempt to replace the Omnicodex files with lewder variations, or simply a seedier project for the creation of custom sex slaves remains unclear to our archaeologists. Passive Effect: +1 Genetic modification points (I would prefer +1 trait choices, but I have been told this is not possible) Active Effect: Sexualized pop cloning Cost: 150 influence - Creates pops on a selected planet with the trait "Overly Sexualized Genome" granting +5 happiness; +10 pop growth speed; +25% pop amenities job production. Precursor Sex toys (Picture of the strangest looking anime dildo you can find) Description: Sexuality varies widely between the various species that comprise the galaxy and it comes as no surprise that this was also true in the time of the precursors. A wide veriety of advanced devices all designed to cause pleasure have been discovered across the historical regions controlled by precursor empires. Some of these marvelous sextoys can be adapted and duplicated for the use of our citizens, while others will require more... in depth examination. Passive Effect: -15% pop consumer goods usage Active Effect: Sexual Paradigm Shift Cost: 150 unity - Adds an effect to pops similar to "Lusting after Xenos/Robots" for a random species type in your empire for 120 months. This represents them become the latest sexual ideal. I also think that the Asteroid Sex shop event could be adapted to the artifact system to create something a little bit more interactive then a one time event. When the event first triggers you could get a 3rd option to buy a "VIP membership" which gives you an artifact. VIP sex shop membership (Picture of a keycard with a sexual design on it) Description: A membership to the black market sex shop located in [planet system name]. This will give us access to their exclusive range of sexual body modifications, for a price. Passive Effect: +10 trade value on capital. Active Effect: Extreme body modification Cost: 1,000 energy - 1 random trait is added to the genetic modification options from a list of "surgical modification". Examples may include things such as Fuckdoll (amputation); Gaping Anus/Vagina; Extreme Piercings; etc.
  3. You are exactly right; the bonus does not appear on the ship designer screen (where I was initially looking) but does on the individual ship inspection screen. The other thing that confused me was that any and all % based evasion is rolled together on that screen. Flagella; any mods/civic choices as well as this mods 15% bonus all get lumped together and just say "40%" etc rather then detailing out the sources like most other modifiers.
  4. Hate to be a bother Raana, but it does not look like the combat modifiers on your Brood swarm civic's are working. The sublight and evasion bonuses are not showing up in the ship designer. I can confirm that the Society research is but if you could look it over and re-post I would appreciate it. EDIT: Actually I may be wrong; I don't see any modifiers for evasion or sublight speed so I may be looking in the wrong place. Side note: I think the new artifact system could be very interesting with this mod now that I have played with it a bit. Precursor sextoys; ancient sexoid robot factories; cloning facilities for made to order sex workers; your imagination is the limit.
  5. Some kind of Royal harem? The amenities coming from the drones servicing the queen of the swarm in my mind, not the drones getting on with the other drones of course. If I remember correctly you also had a version of your update that included combat bonuses for your swarm civics; would you mind posting an updated file for those?
  6. This seems to be something I keep running up against; hard coding sucks! It seems that slavery and purging are particularly bad with not being able to access the code for moders. Ah well I will just need to keep trying things until I get something I like.
  7. You are exactly right, Xenophile. I tried combining the two and I can confirm that you get a mixed bag of who gets enslaved which actually hurts as you end up with pops in the wrong specializations who take large penalties from the Submisive/masochistic/dominant/sadistic traits negatives.
  8. Stellaris question for people; can you make a Authoritarian/Xenophobe civ that lets you use slavery? I am trying to work around the "You value xeno species to highly" tag that prevents you from taking slaves. Syncratic evolution; one race as sadistic/dominant the other as submissive/masochistic with the second servile pop as slaves is what I want. Any ideas?
  9. I had the same thought. Loaded up the mod manager and just cringed at all the red exclamation marks next to my mod list.
  10. Apparently the slavery mechanics are hard coded into the game. No way to add more options. The best workaround I have seen is a civic that modifies slave pops and has +1 civic points baked in so it does not take up a civic slot.
  11. Balance in all things... A nice mix of both then!
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/games/281990/announcements/detail/1627401328177548370 Paradox Dev diary talking about technical improvements. As interesting as this sounds for improving the game performance, it sounds like it will play havoc with a lot of mods. I am reading through the changes to jobs specifically. Will this put a damper on this mods new job systems? Milkers just got implemented after all!
  13. You taught me something new then; I always thought the pop abduction was based off of devastation, if this is true then it is better to have many very small fleets all bombarding to proc the roll multiple times?
  14. I don't know the mechanics behind the coding but Rogue Servitor does have non-hive mind pops in a hive mind empire so it SOUNDS like it should be achievable. I agree that there should be a difference between Devouring Swarm and anything you give to your 'raiding' swarm. DS has: - 25% hull points - 0.5% hull and armour regen - 50% Starbase influence cost - 40% army damage - 20% biology research - 25% ship cost - 33% naval capacity All in all, big tough fleets. +33% naval capacity and -25% ship cost seems to be the baseline for the "killy" civics along with some kind of army damage and a ship combat bonus. As for options for your civic, raiding is based off of orbital bombardment damage so that would be a good bonus to speed up abductions, and falls into the "army damage bonus" column for taking planets. As for the other bonuses I kind of like the idea of a fast swarm; bonus evasion/ sub-light speed with steep bonuses to ship construction speeds and naval capacity.
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