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  1. Is there an estimated time for the next update, and is it gonna be reworking some features or advancement on the quests ?Thx in advance (btw im not trying to press the author to release anything, take ur time for the better ^^)
  2. For the branding scene, do the PC has to be in a walled city or wilderness is okay ? (if its in walled cities, would it be possible to make it for wilderness also?)
  3. hi, first of all nice mod ^^. Secondly, would the mod author or anyone else condiser adding this idea from "The fall of the dragonborn" to this mod : Stage 1 On first interaction the female is injected with a mind numbing agent that . that will eventually degrade the hosts mind. As it absorbs fluids, it generates a natural suppressant for its mind numbing agent. It wraps itself around the hosts waist, and then absorbs the fluids through its skin. Can be removed at any time, but will not generate suppressant while not worn. Stage 2 The symbiote grows its tentacles to cove
  4. Do the strippers have names (NPC) ? When u trigger the walkthrough through the MCM is the scene that launches everything there is to it ? THX
  5. When does this event starts? Are there requirements or anything because ive never triggered it before ^^
  6. Anyone knows in which event (other than the pony espress) do the PC wears devices ? If yes where and how to trigger it? For example, ive never wore the hobble skirt that is in the MCM settings.
  7. I really like this mod, but i think it lacks a bit more development on the lore mongers's side. When youve done enough fetch quest they sell you their gear but there is nothing more. Maybe create exclusive quests, learn more about their backstory etc... Just adding even more events and quests to enjoy ^^
  8. Can either be that or the fact that too many textures are loaded on your game. I think skyrim has a cap of 8go of textures. After that cap it makes the game unstable. try to check if u have any 4k textures that could be 2k or 1080p or even disable a few mods during ur playthrough... Anyways i cant seem to get mine to work. So there might just be a problem with the mod overhaul.
  9. The problem is that i always get the event where your spouse doesnt tell u when ull get released so i can never refused to unlock the belt? Any command to trigger it ?
  10. How can i trigger the ask for the perma belting after being belted for some time ?
  11. Well i cant even load the game fine xD. So i cant really help on this side. However, CTD's often happen when too much textures have to be loaded or that ur mod order is fucked. Are u using mod manager or manual. If its mod manager i cant really help u. But if its manual u can try to manually rework ur load order so that there's no problem ^^
  12. Did u only have the Esp installed? Because my game ctd's when i just launch it. I seem to be lacking meshes and textures but cant find them anywhere...
  13. I wonder if its already in the mod even though i havent seen it yet. But it would be interesting that when u leave ur mistress/master and that you come back to them to become a slave once again they would have conditions, such as being a lifelong slave or asking questions on how submissive is the PC which could lead to lifelong slavery or contract slavery depending on the submissivness. Its just that is doesnt feel right that the owner doesnt even punish the slave for having the audicity to leave. It would help with the immersion also
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