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  1. Oh, strange place for it. I never check that page. It doesn't affect browsing any other forum areas for me. Everything else still looks just as bloated. I'd want to "condense" the whole site layout, not just one spot.
  2. Can't find an option for a condensed mode anywhere.
  3. Only issue so far is too much wasted dead space between topics. I'm not using a phone here- I prefer things compact and close together.
  4. First one was from an older mix of mods I used - I forget exactly which. Used female body and armor before it stopped getting support. Been using the Legacy of Darkness server mod list lately, with improved quality of life to modify the body sliders.
  5. Went ahead and got the game anyway. Far too many kinky mods to experiment with to let a few bad server experiences hold me back. Will probably spend a while just exploring on my own, but I'm still hunting for an active slavery server that I actually want to play on. Preferably one where having curves that puts Jessica Rabbit to shame doesn't break immersion too badly. Is Chains of Hyboria worth a try? Searching for mod info on them just looks up a different server with the same name that doesn't exist anymore. I want to know the mods they use before I try it out, and I can't even find
  6. Looks great! Was always a bit annoyed that I had to keep colonists nude to show larger sizes. I haven't played the game in a while, but if this gets expanded to most clothes and body types, I'll definitely buy the new expansion to play it with RJW again.
  7. Been on the fence about buying the game several times during sales before, ever since I tried it out during a free weekend last year. It's super pretty and got some gorgeous adult mods. I love slavery content, but the mods using it for single-player were kinda lackluster, and the world felt too empty for me to enjoy on my own. Never been much for buying a game solely for the online experience, tho. Most of the time I'm kind of antisocial, and there's no way to know beforehand if you can even stand half the people you meet online. Especially in adult games, my goodness. Seeing how they
  8. Been trying this out with editable backstories and nudeworld to make new backgrounds and traits, and its been around equal parts a success and failure. Still a bunch of stuff I haven't been able to test until it works, like adding an opinion change to a trait or adding a capacity offset for a background. Been testing some stuff with hediff and source files to get around issues, but I seem to break more than I fix whenever I get too creative. Mostly I've been adding traits and backgrounds related to sexual slavery. Considered making an even larger breast size, but that would require
  9. Wow, there's some great mods for this. Shame most of them are so multiplayer-focused. Been playing the game a lot over the free steam weekend, but I'm really not comfortable going onto adult servers with my private account. The kinky stuff feels a bit barebone for the singleplayer experience. Still, fun to get to try it out for a while. The custom servers sound exciting.
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