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  1. Devious Devices (Assets)

    Devious Devices: Assets
    This is a collection of SM-themed gear and devices for CBBE-HDT (Bodyslide) and UUNP female bodies.
    A comprehensive list of mods that use these devices can be found at the
    Devious Skyrim thread
    Simply install this mod with the mod manager of your choice.
    Bodyslide and Outfit Studio
    Which can be found here

    SexLab Framework (any recent version)
    Some items in this package have SexLab keywords attached to them to ensure compatibility with other adult mods  
    Headgear (gags, blindfold,...) may not always fit perfectly depending on the character's race and facial features.
    Minor clipping and/or deformation issues may occur when the character assumes extreme poses or performs certain movements.  
    1. How do I access or use these devices?
    Devious Devices: Assets is a modder's resource and doesn't place the items ingame nor assign or provide support for custom ingame behavior - these aspects are handled and maintained by separate 'Devious Devices' mods. Any issues with such should thus be referred to the respective mod author.    
    2. Why is a certain device not working properly?
    See answer to the previous question.
    3. Why do some devices not fit my player character?
    These assets were made for a specific set of bodies (see 'Requirements'). Other body types are not supported and may cause visual anomalies.  
    4. Will there ever be support for males/beast races/additional bodies?
    Probably not  
    5. Will there ever be support for additional bodies?
    CBBE-HDT and UUNP are the most widely used and the most versatile body mods available for Skyrim. There is hardly any good reason to use another body. Given the stage in Skyrim's lifecycle, it is very unlikely to see a new body mod getting released with the potential to surpass either CBBE's or UUNP's popularity. We also do no want to continue support for older fixed-shape body mods, as this would dramatically increase our modellers' workload for very little gain. You can use Bodyslide to generate any body shape you wish, so there is no point in supporting a fixed-shape body.  
    5. Can I re-use these items in my own creation?
    You're very much welcome to use the mesh and texture contents of the DDa mod in your own creative works if the following conditions are met:
    1) The resulting mod or product should be available for free
    2) There should be a brief mention of the source somewhere in the description and/or readme. Something along the lines of “Featuring Zadil’s meshes and textures from the Skyrim mod ‘Devious Devices: Assets’” would perfectly suffice.
    Oh, and don't forget to drop me a short message with a link to the finished result. I'd be curious to see it.
    6. Can I make suggestions regarding future content?
    No new content is planned for DDa at this time. Please refer to DDx instead.
    for his outstanding work on the Integration mod and project management  
    for keeping the chaos at bay  
    for contributing additional high quality meshes & textures  
    Zaz & Xaz
    for providing complementary animations to some devices  
    for his assistance regarding nif shader parameters & mod maintenance  
    for the CBBE Slidersets  
    for the UUNP Slidersets  
    All DD modders and beta testers
    for their time and efforts



  2. Devious Loading Screens

    This is a collection of loading screens featuring content from the 'Devious Devices' adult mod family for TES V: Skyrim.
    Make sure that you have the latest version of 'Devious Devices - Assets' installed, then place the esp file into your Skyrim Data folder and activate it.
    This mod may not work as expected if used together with other loading screen mods.
    Devious Devices - Assets
    This mod uses meshes and textures from the 'Devious Devices - Assets' pack. As such you'll need to have it installed but not necessarily activated.
    How many loading screens are included?
    At the moment there are 59 screens with some of them being taline variations of the same item.
    Is this a loading screens replacer?
    No, the original loading screens will still appear alongside the new ones, although at a lower rate. No Skyrim files are overwritten.
    Will there be more loading screens in the future?
    More loading screen will be included over time as new items are added to the 'Devious Devices - Assets' mod.
    What about tagline suggestions?
    I'll consider them if they fit the current style of mod.
    I can see the loadscreen message, but why is there no item?
    Make sure that you have the latest version of the 'Devious Devices - Assets' pack installed.
    I don't see any of these loading screens! What the...?
    Make sure that you're not using another mod that affects your loading screens. At the very least place this mod near the end of your load order.



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