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  1. Yes, AIO was already in my modlist when I started the game. I'll rebuild my bodyslides this evening and test it again with AIO. EDIT: Just tested it with rebuilded DD bodyslides and it worked. I don't know why I had to rebuild them. It was never needed in the past. But thank you for showing me the right direction
  2. I just started a fresh save and put the latest AIO in it. The girls had no bodies. Head, hands, feet, devices... all was there but no bodies at all. Switched back to the single variants for towns and roads and all is working as it should. What I'm missing here? Are there other requirements for the AIO as well?
  3. This mod is dead and never got out of an early stage. Don't waste your time.
  4. The current version seems to be bugged. I had the same problem and had to revert back to the previous version. It seems to be the Khajiit woman on the fields near the stables who is responsible for the crash.
  5. I'm crashing to desktop with the latest version if I'm about to approach this Kajit woman on the fields near Whiterun. Reverted back to the previous version and it didn't happen. Tested with two different savegames.
  6. Damn... I get it now 😁I really thought it is a hidden quest of your SL Survial...
  7. What? Never heard of this one. How to trigger it?
  8. Already done it wit TesEdit. It wasn't that hard as I thought it would be. But thank you for your answer
  9. Ok, did check it. They don't have the bikini keyword. As I'm an absolute noob in TesEdit, how can I add them? Is there a tutorial anywhere? EDIT: nevermind. I'm dumb as fuck. Should have read the second post of this topic.^^
  10. Got a little probleme here... I purchased a bikini license, build one at the forge but the enforcers still take them away during inspection. I build the bikini list in the MCM, don't know what to do else.
  11. Uhm... I've a problem... both of my arms were cut off during some fights in solstheim. But I can't find a healer there. Where to go?
  12. And the slave pens under the basement? Have you checked if she's there?
  13. Have you tried to move her to your PC via console magic? I always let her go, so I don't know where she would be in the basement. The slave pens maybe?
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