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  1. I was able to do this as well and they no longer seem to trigger the Bikini Curse. However, I also went one step further and changed the slot assignments so they match the recommended DD Bra and Panty slots. (Although this was done only in an esp patch and the nif files the bodyslide projects referenced so it's possible it might be what's causing this next issue) Now though I'm having another issue with the Half Naked body cover feature. When that "Armor" gets equipped, my character looses a sizable chunk of their legs and arms. It's not just a seam gap, its more like the body mesh
  2. Wow! That's fascinating. Thank you for the very detailed response, I hadn't realized the game handled multiple equips like that. I had thought there was some other flag that needed to be set which would prevent an item from consuming the slot or something. It's super helpful having a better understanding of how that all works out. It'll make it much easier to be able to work out my own patches in the future. Thank you again for your help, I really appreciate it
  3. I see! Now that I think of it, I don't think I tried with a fresh boot of the game in the qasmoke cell. If I loaded an existing save, quit to main menu, then loaded the qasmoke cell and gave myself a copy of that record, would it still have that slot assignment as a result of SOS? All signs point to yes. Just tested with a cold boot and indeed the slot was set correctly this time. This has actually technically solved my problem, although I'm still curious about your other suggestion As for setting the ARMA record to use slot 52 intentionally, wouldn't that still cause the conf
  4. I'm tearing my hair out trying to figure out what's causing this. An outfit which I'm trying to patch to slot 56 shows as both 56 and 52 in game. The original outfit used 32, 34, & 38. I don't even know where this 52 is coming from. The patch was created in xEdit by duplicating the record into a new plugin and changing the bodyslot flags in both the ARMO and ARMA records (i.e. they both only have slot #56 enabled now). I then also opened up the _0 & _1 .nifs and made sure all of the BSDismemberSkinInstance node's partitions where also referencing slot 56. I can
  5. I hate to pile on with more requests since this is already a really comprehensive mod. I'm really enjoying the interactions the mod adds, however there is one interaction I'd like to be able to set up that doesn't work with this mod. I'm wondering if you'd be able to add a configurable option to disable the no bounty requirement for purchasing licences. I'd like to set up an interaction between this mod and SL Adventures where being nude will give me a bounty, but I'm still able to purchase a license to wear clothes/armor/bikinis with that bounty. In essence, I want to force my cha
  6. Thanks for looking through the log! I double checked and the overlay did show up in the list (as 12/14, I had two other overlays in 13 and 14 already). But sure enough, in that save file I was not able to wash off that overlay I saw in the race menu. I attempted to do some more testing to see if that log always happens. I reset the character from the MCM, then 'coc'ed off to a populated cell. After ensuring I had an overlay again, I washed off the character. Much to my surprise, it worked this time. I tried a few more times and it seemed to continue to work ...?
  7. I'm having an issue with BiS removing cum. Everything else seems to be working fine. Both BiS and Cum Overlays function as expected (outside this issue). They select random overlay sets, as well as allow co-existence between effects. Regarding the Papyrus.log. I see no errors related to either mod, and I see successful logging from Mzin and SCO_ regarding fading dirt (and tattoos). There is even multiple logs from SCO regarding the removal of it's overlay. However, the visible cum remained. When I used the `Remove overlays from player` button in the MCM, it did correctly remove
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