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  1. Not sure whether or not there is a fix for this... During sex animations all male actors' penises turn black. Any fix?
  2. When in game I don't have the spell. I get a constant debugg message about the furniture slots...
  3. I am sure this has been asked about a thousand times. Is there anyway to get rid of the schlongs on female werewolves???
  4. Its seems as if this mod conflicts with Enhanced Camera. When in first person, if I get knocked down, the attackers leave me completely alone. I can't use the resist function properly. You just stand up and you cant move. Edit: I now have a big issue. I got it working and continued playing. I was in a bandit camp and got knocked down. I was having the same issue as earlier except I didn't have enhanced camera or Immersive First Person. I decided to uninstall defeat to see if it would fix it. I unistalled following the directions and went back in game. I ran and got attacked and knocked down. Once again I couldn't move. I tried the script cleaner thinking that it might be a script that was still running, but nope. All of my saves are affected by this, even ones before I installed Defeat. I started a new character and I have no problems. Please Help!!!
  5. I am having an issue where when I get knocked down, the attackers just leave me there and I cant get up. I can't even use the escape function.
  6. When I install this mod, it conflicts with my SOS. It won't allow PC or NPCs to remove SOS Underwear. I have tried mods and the console but it won't work. My load order is fine and BOSS found no issues. Please Help....
  7. I am trying to the use them mod and it tells me that I have all animations blacklisted. How do I fix this?
  8. Am attempting to install the b3lisario's unpb bbp pregnant but the boobs AIN'T GOT NO NIPPLES! Please Help
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