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  1. https://staticdelivery.nexusmods.com/mods/110/images/35917-3-1369627814.jpg
  2. david758

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    Hi, I managed to get the mod to work the the follower Jennifer that comes with the mod. But it doesn't work with my character or any other followers? Do I have to change something in game like the body to get it to work?
  3. david758

    All-in-One HDT Animated Pussy

    How can I check if the XP32 skeleton is working correctly? I'm using NNM to install and everything goes fine. FNIS doesn't give any errors. But nothing new happens in game. I suspect the HDT collision isn't working correctly. Anyone know how to check if it is?
  4. Halos poser http://mod.dysintropi.me/halos-poser/ weapon stance is from the weapon in this mod http://modtype.doorblog.jp/archives/32389116.html Edit - thought i should say that there is an original of that sword mod by *hentai*, never used that version and don't know if it has the same stance as the one in the above mod i linked. Both are pretty similar except the one above has a glowing white ring on the hilt. The katana mod doesn't have the animation? I also don't want to use the poser because it doesn't use the animation automatically when I equip a weapon.
  5. I'm looking for the pose animation in this picture (1 hander behind back when drawn): http://static-5.nexusmods.com/15/mods/110/images/11543-1-1330412624.jpg I had it in oblivion but that was so long ago that I forgot the author's name. Is it even ported or am I looking at an oblivion picture ._.
  6. david758

    Monster Dragon Armor (parts)

    I get ctd after the logo. Is this mod even compatible with the latest version of skyrim?
  7. david758

    Sexlab Deadly Drain

    Does this mod work with Deviously Helpless? I can't get it to kill anything.
  8. david758

    More Nasty Critters

    Potential solution if dicks don't show (at least I did this and it worked for me) Go to mod menu > Creature Framework > General > Reset
  9. david758

    More Nasty Critters

    I'm having the same problem is Nicobay.