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  1. Sorry for not replying but my life has been busy so i was unable to respond. Feel free to edit everything you need to make it work since i do not have the time at the moment to fix it
  2. *sigh* Even tough the music is fucking epic..... it will take me some time to play ME1 or ME 2 ever again..... Fucking EA..... [video=youtube]
  3. Updated first post for Willow lovers :3
  4. I think it COULD be possible via a script but that's a little out of my league
  5. Thanks Chase will do that asap!
  6. So actually a pretty simple mod. This mod lets Rex fuck your Female companions - Veronica, Cass, Sunny and Willow Probably will do this for Cheyenne, Rocket and maybe even for J.T Also i am open for ideas, suggestions that could be added to this mod Things to do: Maybe a little difference in dialogue? :/ SexoutRex.esp SexoutRexWillow.esp Update: Rex will do only Sunny if she is in the same cell as Rex Added the ability for Rex to have some fun with Willow DO NOT USE BOTH FILES AT THE SAME TIME. If you have Willow use SexoutRexWillow.esp If not then
  7. Meet Jannie a girl that doesn't know when to shut up and now paying the consequences :3
  8. From twitter: BioWare Is Working on a Modified Mass Effect 3 Ending http://bit.ly/GDrkMQ Well i hope THAT it is true because i want to build a house for Tali on Rannoch :/
  9. On the BioWare forums there is actually quite an interesting theorie floating around: Shepard has been indoctrinated. Of who i assume could be actually quite possible NVM: to long to read :/ Actually i think it is quite possible and i REALLY HOPE that they will come out with better endings sooner or later
  10. I think actually everything was fine but: [spoiler=*******SPOILER ALERT*******] WHAT THE FUCK?! What kind of endings where these?! Why not a retirement option of some sort? WHY?! I LOVED ME 1 & ME 2 but due to this i think i won't replay them..... ever. Also how could they kill the awesome characters the player's had gotten emotionall connections to? THANKS A FUCKING BUNCH EA/BIOWARE FOR RUINING SUCH a great series of games....
  11. Can you please describe this bug again? I'l put it in a spoiler tag Hope this helps
  12. okay i tried the newest version of this and that return bug is still there :/
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