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  2. I was finally able to get past the quest by wearing a custom armour mod. It seems the vanilla body armour was flagged as exposed. I couldn't figure out which mod was flagging them. If anyone else runs into the problem I had, just wear custom armour mod.
  3. So I found the problem. Thief Mod isn't recognizing that my character is dressed, that's why baldy won't do anything. He is waiting for me to get dressed. I realised this when I went to picture guy in windhelm and started training him. When I left his room (fully dressed) my character ran back into the room embarrassed because she was "naked". I don't think this is a bug I think i've got a mod conflict that isn't letting thief mod recognize my char as being dressed. So does anyone know which mods would cause that? Sorry if it's written somewhere, I haven't seen it.
  4. Yeah I get that order. It just that he doesn't lead me outside in the morning. He just stands there. I figure it was a mod conflict on my side since no one else has reported the issue anywhere. But I can report it on the mod author page. Just gonna play through the quest again with the bare minimum mods and see if it changes at that point
  5. Multiple times. So the quest does go on after that? Guess I'll just start from much older saves. Great mod tho. Went on for 8 hours straight👻
  6. Thank you so much! Would like the extended for dog on female aswell if it's not too much trouble!
  7. The options I got when installing this patch? Male body, character sex (male or female) and combinations (gay,lesbian, straight). Not sure if that's what you're asking for. I also got 2 .esp files: Deathclaw nude and strap on. I'm wondering if my download broke or if that's all. Coz I didn't see any other options in the installation
  8. Hi, I just installed this patch today and everything works fine except: Lieto animations don't have have "stages" anymore. If I choose "leito doggy 1" it will do all the stages without my control. It gets annoying. Is that how it's supposed to be or can I change it so that the stages for each animation appear on the animation list?
  9. It was probably a future plan by the mod author to implement it somehow. As far as I know, he had a lot of plans for this mod before going MIA. I've played it 100 times over and there are no skeevers beside that last quest in the mansion.
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