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  1. Hi @ all, I have a big problem. Recently I completely reinstalled my Skyrim LE using ZaZ Animation PackV8.0 plus UUnp and Devious Devices LE 5.0. Now every time I call something with "zbf" (coc zbftestzone) or want to give something from my inventory (zbf-gag or zbf-wrist ... for example) to an NPC, I immediately have a CTD. I didn't have that with previous versions! I know the problem has already been addressed, but so far there have been no concrete solutions. Please please help me!
  2. For me it's the same as Mrod23 but the npc's disappear only out of the building or beyond the ground. I mean out of the collision like a wall. They are still in the same cell, I can move to them with tcl.
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