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  1. is there a way to fix broken wrist and ankles while using cosio ?
  2. i was just curious thats all but it would be very interesting.
  3. I understand your passion for this amazing mod but if Titan has a problem they will say so. Nobody this competent needs a narrator, they are capable of defending themselves and saying what they want from THEIR fans. If you want to support then do so but STOP antagonizing people and scolding them! Titan is amazing we are all so captivated by this amazing creation, however when they feel any kind of way THEY WILL BE THE ONES TO TELL US BECAUSE WE ARE "TITAN" SUPPORTERS. You seriously should read the forums again because the very thing you are ranting about and pressuring people for TITAN HAS ALREADY ADDRESSED!
  4. Even Turbodriver didint have many patreons in the early development of Wicked Whims. People will pay for the progress and evolution of the product especially when it has potential, Titan is going to blow up as soon as it is released, look at how many people are coming by everyday, everyone is so excited! Also titan has already said they dont mind if people do or dont pledge to them they also stated they are very passionate about their work so for someone to come on to this thread and scold others for not pledging is wrong. There is a lot to consider before people decide to pledge, in any case this mod will be very successful when it is released and i have high hopes.
  5. is there a way to make my skyrim more straight because currently all skyrim men hate vagina and vice versa
  6. I only wish we could be more creative with CBBE bodies creating different looks and weights adding or taking away bones ect, i just want to see that beautiful body evolve in different ways but they may not ever give the permission for it. COS is another amazing body but it is not meant to be in sse although it works the weight causes the wrist and ankles to be broken its playable but i pay attention to detail and that dosnt work for me. UNP isnt meant to be in sse also it was kind of dismissed from bodyslide so that makes it seem like a much more lenient body to modify and ive dabbled in the past yet i always went back to CBBE because i have had issues with getting UUNP morphs to work lately and ive converted correctly, i also cant find nearly as many UNP clothes as opposed to CBBE but i do like how some UNP bodies look and move arms, thigh, and belly jiggle included. I currently play with both bodies and find my best content on http://www.9damao.com/thread-61878-1-1.html seriously a great page. If anyone knows other places for content outside of here (Loverslab), Nexus, or 9damao i would really love to know.
  7. can someone point me in the direction to working creature hdt for trolls and falmer ect.
  8. Seriously what is this sorcery?! On a true note though would this play well with mods that pertain to clothing, jewlery, hair, objects, ect or would one have to use vanilla sims 4 for this amazing mod?
  9. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/68731-hdt-smp-for-sse/page/134/
  10. I cannot seem to make DD run in my game so its not that but im sure its an easy fix thank you so much for these wonderful mods.
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