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  1. Yoxgg04

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

    Things are looking a little wonky for WW right now but once everything is fixed along with new update it will be absolutely heaven ♥ hang in there guys.
  2. My game has worked ofc until recently when i mod i tend to add patches so that they can work more so with other mods, heavily modded but still ran well until recently i hit CTD after a few minutes of game play regardless of the area.
  3. Thank you so much i will try this.
  4. I am using M/o with 2 diff profile set ups mods have accumulated but managed to run just fine until recently, i dont play SE as much as i do LE but a clean up must be in order, thank you guys for the help.
  5. Yoxgg04

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

    Its not necessarily nagging if they are talking about it on a forum they just want help/answers obviously, people want the newest content and we are awaiting the new feats that are to come after the patch. I would go back but whats the point? After this update the only version that will properly work with the sims 4 is the most updated version of WW.
  6. Yoxgg04

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

  7. Yoxgg04

    WickedWhims - 18 November 2018

    This may be the solution for females but certainly not for males.
  8. i will happily provide any content necessary. LOOT.txt
  9. the latest update works with sse?
  10. Has anyone converted this lovely mod https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/58989 ?
  11. do these open upon collision or do they just look pretty ♥ ?
  12. dose this indeed work with sse ?
  13. It might be drab but here are a few other options: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/198?tab=files CBBE SMP tab carries the vagina physics and a few other physics. Also here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/1699?tab=files for UNP vagina and other physics. Yes, might be drab but performance wise its do-able, I cant wait for an official CBBE with anus collisions smh but thats wishful thinking considering how harsh they are to other creators that try to improve what little we have now. Good luck on the hunt so far the chinese body and Groomilla's bodies are A1 for unp with anal collision in my opinion, but sadly i only sometimes use UNP i am a CBBE kinda girl right now.
  14. What body do you use ? Is the vagina animated ?