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  1. Yup - this is the end. Unfortunately the mod author didn't go any further
  2. The Volkar one does have an out and it's kind of fun to get to
  3. Have you ended up in his dungeon and made a choice to either be his slave or not?
  4. You do need to have your external programs configured to run from within MO or they won't find the animations / mods. So add the FNIS executable to MO and run from there, then you'll be fine.
  5. I'll see if I can find it and let you know (for future reference)
  6. When agreeing to the participation I 'wake' up as the droid and am wearing black latex restrictive boots which are not listed in the inventory so I can't remove them. Is this expected behaviour? It stops me from equipping my own clothing (Sirius Exoskeleton) which means I lose a major piece of upgraded armour.
  7. How about: "Are you an army general? Because I want to show you my privates on parade." 🤣
  8. Gotta say, I do enjoy the way that this mod develops; not just the actual mechanics but the layered improvements and complexity. You don't just add a shed load of extras with no real connection to each other, you're developing the interactions in great ways. Thank you very much for your continued support and efforts
  9. Her reaction to the Pulowski (sp?) shelters are my favourite. I kept giggling until she said "Fuck this Shit" and then I felt bad. Then giggled again WAAAY too much emotional investment in a character
  10. I'm only saying this as I think it's good to have correct grammar in the text of mods (as it can be distracting and spoil an otherwise excellent experience) but you do not use an apostrophe for a plural. If you're going to add dialogue could you avoid mistakes like that? I'm talking about examples such as: idea's and mod's. The apostrophe indicates either a missing letter (can't) or possession (Galgat's additions) *cough* (also - 'too', that should be 'to', and 'there' should have been 'their') Please don't think I'm being a grammar nazi, I promise this is only to help with additions to an excellent series of mods.
  11. Agreed to be honest. My personal bug-bear are the yokes. I just really do not like them. DD works (kind of) and that's the thing. It's all a bit kind of... just that so many kinky mods rely on it.
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