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  1. I think SunJeong Preset. Gotta search it up. But then idk. Looks similar to it.
  2. OK. My problem involves white body skin color on mai shiranui. Is astin overlay still the solution? EDIT - Well, not a fix but I managed to change the skin color to match the face color by messing around with looksmenu's custom skin color.
  3. It should be BDO hair from TrophiHunter. Gotta go to their discord to get it. Be aware as most of the hair are specifically for a different type of head. (Ikaros or Female head Redux)
  4. I just bought the game for this mod tbh. great mod though. But I can't seem to get it to work for openjk and/or single player. running it through steam and only multiplayer, worked. Openjk wouldn't start up. I fire it up, a pop up shows, then disappears right after.
  5. lag. is there a mod that lowers the sliders? im shooting for 0 - 20 to get the lag off.
  6. GomaPero's Minibikini? http://gomaperopero.tumblr.com/post/171194330210/mini-bikini-mod-update-ビキニ職人の朝は早い Apparently, this is an update.
  7. Gaussian said it's paused for now. But been over a year since announcement of pause.
  8. If my preset comes pretty close to Kshahdoo's, should I ask permission to release my bodyslide? Eh, but I'm guessing by the time of this post, i bet there's a bodyslide already.
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