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  1. No mate, i've gone and checked all the models myself across updates. It's definitely censored.
  2. Yeah this game is definitely censored with patches. The NPC outfits have been covered up. The CODEX release (piracy but what can you do) is the only way to have access to the uncensored version of the game (still has player panties, but NPCs are fine) afaik.
  3. Great that's at least some solace from this garbage game. Also those Judy screenshots are phenom.
  4. Okay thanks for info. Can we get some more input here for a consensus whether censorship is really happening? I can't check myself atm but will post when i do.
  5. Okay. Thanks for the confirmation. Luckily there are copies of the day one version around.
  6. No i'm talking about the NPCs specificially. I have personally seen NPCs not wearing underwear etc and having exposed genitalia. Was wondering if the patching has censored those.
  7. Guys i've seen some people say that between the first official release of the game and 1.04 patch, some npcs are censored to no longer have exposed genitals and breasts. Is this true?
  8. This is from 1.05 changelogs: "V appears more modest in the inventory preview after the half year montage ;)" So I'm guessing it's either fixing the penis popping issue, or is censoring the game. Also, some people are saying that 1.04 censored some of the nudity on the NPCs. Is this confirmed?
  9. There's a mod called underwear remover on Nexus Mods now. I haven't tested it, but seems to be doing what's necessary. Also So i tested the hexedit above (the mod does exactly the same). It removes the censorship and you can see your dick in photo mode, however you'll still be a ken doll in first-person.
  10. ^who knows man. game's a mess atm. wait for some patches or start a new game. i feel for you.
  11. Yeah it can easily be made to work. Can confirm.
  12. Yeah everybody seems to have forced-underwear on. I think it's a quick and dirty fix for the penis popping out of clothes bug. Hopefully it gets removed either by a modder or official patch.
  13. Please don't give up work on the uncensor mod guys! We highly appreciate your work!
  14. The Outer World censors a long list of "culturally insensitive" names during character creation. You can't name your char "whore" for example. Yeah that needs a mod.
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