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  1. Since some people have had issues with the links to the files since the site upgrade I'm going to re post the links directly just to be sure. Let me know if any issues. Kasumi https://mega.nz/#!ILp33QrI!htod7wN3_wLHhB4T0H4HIp2_m4e5F8xWuUr7D9nmsMA Momiji https://mega.nz/#!QWhzDQCb!hjF0RWcg-fRoUoM7XFkleWOS_a_CQCJS0nFNXBlhZD4 Ayane https://mega.nz/#!kTpFgSwJ!yro2-bW0nwjTyyVpRDYS_97-oHbWpusw2r93oQQdX5Q Hitomi https://mega.nz/#!9CoVgT4Z!zhbXI7IwgU0ZgRBQw3HMwMd-UG8k9rJnsvHAdLN58tE Sophitia https://mega.nz/#!4WJnHbob!_5hRJaXJtS8bIrB5XysUGlyq9PYqXXy0qivX7CRy3bQ
  2. Jackgas Pub SSE

    This body type is jackgas turndown x which is generally comparable w cbbe. as for new vs old cbbe I personally don't use the new one. I still use the old one. I don't see much of a difference between the two to justify spending the hours upon hours of time it would take to convert every single armor not to mention difficult add ons such as peircings (which a great all in one mod is on this site). I can try to post some pics pics when I get a moment. I heard there was an issue w the follower mega links. I'll have to check those to make sure they work.
  3. Simple Sex Animations (FO4)

    Love this mod. What makes an animation compatible or not compatible with four play framework? Im learning animations and doing basic tutorials on 3dsmax 2015 since I want to try to eventually throw my hat in and help out and make more lesbian animations for fo4. So right now in just curious. If it's a format or set up etc. I haven't even gotten to the point of trying. To export anything and put it in a mod. Just curious. And if it's not a simple answer and it's detailed is there a guide? (For later)
  4. "What are you playing" thread

    South Park the fractured but whole. PS4. I'm new to pc as of April. So just downloaded dragon age origins and am finding how diff this game is w mods. Also fallout 4 but that's On hold it's basically unplayable until there are more lesbian sex animations. I'm learning to make some so I'm not just waiting on people but.... holidays. Holiday season is ficking time consuming.
  5. Any new good games for PC ?

    Full disclosure- I'm stil sore at ea for not releasing another fight night game. And for going 3D party format for fight night 4. Fight night 3 was the perfect game. Especially when drunk. Me and my friends were really into fighting games and even though there are no hadukens in fight night we are all boxing fans at heart and the fact that we rocked fight night 3 longer than any other fighting game ever. Says a lot. So so I might be a bit biased. Or not. Just disclosing.
  6. Any new good games for PC ?

    I hope red dead 2 doesn't try to rock the boat. Red dead redemption was 99% the perfect game.
  7. Any new good games for PC ?

    The biggest plot hole in all bioware games is that they could have just hired John Rambo, terminator and chuck Norris and the reapers or darkspawn would have just surrendered. beth games that don't work because the player would have the option to (foolishly) go against them and die every time. beth might be fucked up every game company is. But bioware is basically trying to change the formula mid stream. All they needed to do w dragon age was make a new story for 2 or 3 and use the same basic system as origins. Granted I think mass effect was somewhat of an upgrade in the combat system. But they didn't have to dumb down the rpg options. i think bethseda is focused even when they fuck up they make a conscious choice. Bioware is floundering back and forth when the formula is in front of them. Cause it already worked.
  8. Any new good games for PC ?

    Oh shit- were responding to bioware not supporting single player in gifs? Here is a few that I feel accurately convey my feelings about it.
  9. Any new good games for PC ?

    I think the Ubisoft account is only to get free shit in the game. I forgot I signed up for it for assassins creed black flag. They don't charge you money to sign up so who cares?
  10. Happy New Year!!!!

    Why do people think ll people are perverts just cause we are normal and accept sexual shit? If anything I'm worse than all you. I got so much 80s action hero violence in my mind that it's beyond all. Yet- sex stuff is preverted? You are all normal. I'm the only pervert here. I've never seen anyone debate if rambos choke is stronger than Vaders (it is- Jedi can't stop bullets). So yeah. Want a scapegoat for violence it's me. But ll is not perverts. It is what it is. Sex and making sex mods isn't perverted. It's normal. Thinking about or slaughtering droves of people like all video games tell us we should is perverted. you ask me. Ll is the last bastion of sanity. Just me.
  11. Happy New Year!!!!

  12. "Your Skyrim mods are Sexist"

    I hate these YouTube "blogger type" clowns. Im not referring to a start up band looking to promote thier sound or even someone making a funny movie (or trying), for the sake of entertaining people. Hell even people putting up stupid cat videos are better than this type of YouTube person (at least they are putting up something they think will be funny even if it's only funny to crazy cat grannies). I don't care about the content but commentary videos to me just seem so pointless. It's their time their lives, they are free to waste it as they please.
  13. Chastity Belts and Girls..

    Just did some quick look for info and found this. Didn't read it all but seemed interesting and may change many perceptions of the belt (including mine- idk I have to read it fully). http://www.semmelweis.museum.hu/muzeum/kiallitasok/erenyov/reszletes_en.html
  14. Chastity Belts and Girls..

    Sounds more like renaciance. Medieval duels were tended to be fought w strict rules and custom and for different perceived offenses different methods. Mostly judicial duels. Actually it wasn't even until the renaciance that citizenry weren't allowed to wear swords openly. And even at that time most were untrained and more likely to end up dieing In a duel even if they won. Granted a lot of this is slanted towards England and george silver type mindset about the danger of the common man running around untrained but still. i guess it also depends on the specific century since the medieval and renaciance don't just snap into place, like a light goes on and off. But street duels were a more common thing in renaciance and closer you got into clearly that.
  15. Any new good games for PC ?

    South Park the fractured butt hole. i bought it on PS4 though simply because that's one of those rare games that sinks or swims based on the attitude of the writers- in this case trey Parker and matt stone. (Ie: shines without mods)- it's on all systems I just made the choice to buy it on that. It starts slpwer snd less in your face than stick of truth but grows into agame that is just as absurd and offensive in all the funny ways.