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  1. Hey guys, I started kind of a petplay farm where i like to rise and breed a herd of girls. I even build a little slave-tradingpost to "sell" them if they are "trained well enough" and i got too many offsprings for my household etc. There is only one thing i need to make it perfect. My pets are still walking like humans and that realy pushes against my immersion. So i like to request a mod which addes a new, pet like, way to walk for my sims. I've no idea if something like this already exists anywhere but i was not able to find it and i'm not even sure if it is possible to mod the game like this. But if it is, i would be very happy if you can help me out and make me a happy farmer. Thanks!
  2. Is it normal that both options ("sell doll" and "convert house member") open the "sell" windows right now and list all sims from my household except the one sitting on the PC right now? If not, i may need help.
  3. Since i'm not even aware of ever downloading a mod which contains dubs i've no idea why a tool tells me there are some. Also i've no idea what to keep because i'm afraid something could break even more if i just remove by guessing. Is there a tool which is actualy helpful? (like not only telling me about dubs/conflicts but also fixing them like nexusmodmanager did etc.) No localthumbcache.package left to delete. Not in my mods folder and also not in my Sims 4 directory.
  4. Your awesome at guessing! Indeed, the lot was set as a call center (because i thought thats the only way it works) plus since my girls are fulltime hoes i took their regular all-day-long clothes for their slutty dress. I will experiment a littlebit with the lot trait and i changed their outfit settings around. It seems that my phone now finaly keeps calm unless dress them up slutty. Thanks for your help! Since you where that great at guessing, i have another problem (sadly a bigger one i guess) with NWP i just realised. I know it worked just fine right after adding NWP to my mod folder, but now - just a few days and a ton of mod installations later - i can't open the "Doll Shop" menue. The only reaction i get by clicking any of the Doll Shop options is that the gametime stops. But the menue does not show up at all. Hope there is a simple solution because i've just too many mods installed to test if one of them conflicts and how to fix it. I already tried a tool but it told me like 1/3 of my mods are dublications and/or conflicts which just can't be correct. Are there some mods known for causing issues with NWP? Or do you guys maybe have a much simpler answer to my problem? (hope it's ok to ask right here in the thread instead of creating a new one. if not, i'm sorry!)
  5. Hey guys, Like many people here (i guess) i use the NWP mod for the "eden flower prostitution" system. I tried it out some houres ago and it seems to work pretty well. So i build a little fetishclub as a living lot for my 3 cute loveworkers and signed them up. I don't know if it's normal but since two ingame-days the phones are kind of always ringing day&night with horney people love to shoving her money in my pocket and her dicks in my chicks. Which leads to two problems: 1. It's much to easy to earn money this way. Having three loveworkers in my family and simply "using" them all day long to earn money i got round about 20-30k cash in a single day. (i already set the income to "low" but because of the many calls i get it's the amount of customers which still is simply too much if i accept them all) 2. It's extremly annoying to get phonecall popups all day-and-night long. For short, my town is to horny and to much in need for my three sexy angels. Is there any way to reduce the amount of calls my hoes get?
  6. I've got a problem with my body selector, maybe you guys can help. I downloaded a big list of CAS stuff and the uploader refered to EVE6 to use them. He also postet a dropbox link where to download EVE6 so i got it, choosed the "Non Defaults" folder and extracted it into my Mods. Ingame i can see the EVE6 Bodys in the WW Body Selector and i changed my Sim to use these Body (upper and lower body). Sadly, it hasn't changed anything. Still glitching clothes, flying pierced nipples in front of my Sims boobs, etc. After some try and error, i choose to "ignore" his recommandation to use EVE6 and got EVE7 (still Non Defaults version), removed EVE6 and exracted EVE7. Exactly the same problem. It shows up in WW Body Selector, i selected them... no changes. I'm about to give it up... but there are so many awesome clothes and other CAS stuff which doesn't work properly without EVE6 (or maybe EVE7?). Would be great if you guys can help me out. EDIT: oh maybe this helps. Here is the link of the collection i downloaded: Kritical´s Naughty Collection (LL update 17.07.) 1.0.36
  7. Hat leider nicht geholfen. Hab mir den Lunar Eclipse Penis Mod geladen aber wenn ich nur den Tattoo Mod nehme passiert ingame gar nichts und wenn ich die dazugehörigen Mods außerdem lade hat der Penis starke Grafikfehler... oder hab ich was falsch gemacht?
  8. Thanks for your help so far! I guess i maybe misunderstood your advise or im the one who was misunderstood. The WW works finde for me and i do not have any problems with normal male or female characters it appears just with the settings shown in this picture. When i select a Male character with a female body, a femboy, even if i select that he has a penis i do neither get the regular penis of the mod nor the vagina. I hope this helps a little bit.
  9. Hey guys i hope i did not just overlooked something but i realy need your help: I installed WickedWhims without any kind of problems and had a lot of fun with it. But during the creation of a femboyish teenager character i realised that it is (with my mod list of course) not possible to create a male teenager (or adult) using the "female body" option (i play the game in german so i hope you understand) and have a penis. Actualy there is no nude option at all. I tried to combine some mods (for example some of the LunarEclipse stuff) but sometimes it just messed up the game files, and sometimes it worked but looked horrible because of some graphic issues. I guess because some of the Mod-Files are colliding but im realy new to modding Sims 4 and i have no idea how to do it the right way. So now i hope you could help me. Would be amazing! Thanks!
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