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  1. There was a recent Sims 4 update that addressed something about corrupted game saves. Not sure if that's what caused your issue, but hopefully it is (because then it will be fixed with the update now)
  2. This one is kinda similar to your "flat chested" mod, right? I know it says "saggy", but even then, from the pictures it appears to be more or less the same, + wickedwhims compatibility. Am I right? What I mean is, when "flat chested" is installed and wickedwhims is already used, it seems to look the same as this "saggy" one does (P.S. I can get it to work on wickedwhims with the sculpt version). Without wickedwhims being installed, I'm sure it looks differently (the way you intended)
  3. Is there anyway to remove the extra shadows under the breasts? It kind of bothers me a bit (and it messes with the appearance of one of my mods). (I understand this is for extra definition, but sometimes it gets in my way if I want them to be flat breasted, which is a mod I'm using): Pictured: Default EA breasts, and breasts with WickedWhims on it. See the extra shading under the breasts?
  4. That is true. Although one time I lost my source code to a project, and the only option I had was decompiling. It was a pain to fix, but I did get most of the source code still. The if statements are known to be a pain point in decompiling, because for some reason it's hard to tell the exact sequence from the bytecode. At that point, I'd say to anybody, don't use the package, I think there are some subtle bugs in the code haha. Thanks for the word of caution, I added a warning to it.
  5. The first thing I asked them was if they had the latest patch. Secondly, the file I provided is already compiled (look at the extension). I merely explained WHAT I did (I'm not going to blindly provide a "fix" without explaining what I did). Anyways, like we both said, just update the game. To anybody else: make sure you have the latest version patch. I don't get the error on the latest patch, and I don't think anybody else will either.
  6. When CNWW and CNWWKinky is installed, the Sims always refuse sex (unless you check always allow sex) after they accepted you. There was also an LE, but I think that was in CNWW (and consequently WW) so shouldn't be this one's fault. But the LE DID happen WHILE I was doing the sex with a client after whoring, so... Who knows. I'll include the logs anyways, ColonolNutty_4.3.5.142d_Exception.txt ColonolNutty_4.3.5.142d_Message.txt WickedWhims_4.3.5.142d_Exception.txt
  7. You begin by learning how to write code, not by modding a game. Learning to mod Rimworld before learning to code is like wanting to dance without having legs. You need legs first.
  8. Author should put this project on a git server! It'll make collaboration and downloading a lot easier!! Not github though - they'll take it down for lewd content
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