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  1. Soooo guys ^^ , i now declare happily this Thread and Help seeking for done until i did some crap and need help again xD . Everything Works fine now ^^ , i fixed the Camera of Oblivion Reloaded and the Graphics looks neat without FPS Drops :3 . Well im heading out now finally new "Adventures" and Frustration after Playing Oblivion the first time after 9 Years or so i think ^^ , welp now im Upgraded von Console to PC Masterrace tho ^^. Well thanks again for your Help Guys ❤️
  2. Okay i "think" smol-brained me did actually manage to use BOSS and correct the Load Order ^^ . Well thanks certainly for all the help from you guys :3 . Everything worked now so far ^^ . now i only need to manage some stuff , like one of the mods gave me the Better Camera where i see my legs and so on but i kinda love the standard Camera more ^^.
  3. So far i did manage to Install my Mods with WyreBash and the OBMM . Now im kinda more tinkering around to make my Character look decent since i forgot how in my opinion bad the shaping of Faces is in Oblivion , but this one Facial Overhaul helps quite good even tho im now using the "Chocolate Elve Race" Mod for my Character with some effort to make the Elv look less Anime what is quite working so far . Im gonna Post in My Modloader so far , i did test it Ingame it worked without any Problems :3 . Maybe im "just" switching the Armor Replacer at some point , since some of them look kinda too skimpy for me ^^ . Only Thing im now Missing is maybe this Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul ^^ . EDIT: I kinda allready miss the normal DialogCamera that is now gone probably thanks to Oblivion Reloaded ^^
  4. Im planning to run TES4 on an Win10 actually ^^ . But thanks for your help guys :3 I actually managed to understand WyreBash and the OBMM now so i can slowly start modding my Game ^^ .
  5. Better Vampire Gameplay sounds honestly very promising , back in my PS3 Oblivion times i was kinda dissapointed about being a Vampire ^^. I kinda seek to "just" make the Graphics of the Game a bit better , just as the Characters (especially Dunmer) . Of course im interessted in the Sexual Content of LAPF aswell but its not my Main Priority . Im still kinda trying to understand how Modding works in Oblivion it seems kinda annoying compared to Skyrim or Sims4 honestly , but those Guides help me tho ^^ im just a slow learner sadly. And its "hard to say" how i want my Dark Elves to look since there are several types of Dark Elves in Media i kinda like. Im just gonna list which "kind of" Dark Elves i like: The TESO Dark Elves . WarhammerFantasys Grey/Pale Skinned Dark Elves , Sometimes even the "Anime" DarkSkinned Dark Elves they are kinda "exotic" . But for Oblivion i want the Dark Elves to still look like they usuall look in ElderScrolls but not Skyrim like xD . If i wanted an whole Other kind of Dark Elves i would get an Costum Race Elve i guess ^^
  6. Orden des Drachen/Order of the Dragon could be interessting for me . and its a good thing that there is a German Version aswell since i do like the German Voices better for some reason as the English ones ^^ .
  7. What i like ? . Well Fantasy/DarkFantasy in generell tbh . and Mangawise ? well im not against Mods for some Katanas or Asian Weapons and Armors in generell but since Oblivion looks pretty much European in my Memory i would not go for any Asian Styled Mods honestly. But Thanks for your fast reply ^^.
  8. So Guy first of all sorry for maybe bad sentence building etc but im quite tired ^^. Soo why im making this Post i guess since 9 Years or so i didnt played Oblivion anymore on my trusty old PS3 , but a few days ago i got hit hard by Nostalgia and bought it quite cheap for Steam. Well and im gonna be a Lazy one and gonna ask you guys, if you could recommend me some Mods , be it Graphical Enhancments or Sexual stuff etc just as Armor Mods and so on. I mean yes i could dwell down on those Modpages and search some up myself . And if i can "wish" for a recommendation , something to make my beloved Dunmer look "better" would be lovely . Well im gonna thank you guys allready ^^ . And maybe you guys can tell me a quick and short story about your best thing that happend during a Oblivion Playtrough. For me ? well i cant remember the Place but i just randomly was walking trough some Plain until i met this one Female Orc that wanted to be a Knight . I did her Quest and did enjoy it heavily and i "loved" it . I really loved her Story , and i can remember after some time returning to this Area where she was , and i kinda felt awfull when i saw her fighting against a Ghost and died , and i couldn help her nor defend myself since i was literally too dumb to fight this Ghost , honestly i wouldn know how to beat one at the moment , except maybe with an SilverSword or some Magic ^^.
  9. BTW . My Old Character said that shes Gratefull of your Avatars Comment :3
  10. Its working now completly fine ^^ . welp maybe i just mod the game a bit new for my needs in terms of gameplay and visual stuff. PS on your PS:Nope thats not my Character its just my old pic from when i made this Account well i had an Character once where i kinda tried to make her ^^. Turns Out i still have a Pic of my try , but its a few years now ago . Didnt played Skyrim in English and the Stormcloak doesnt seem right either there xD
  11. Well now im kinda struggling on making the Game Work . well an nice evening of Reinstalling Skyrim and Modding it new is allways nice [imagine a giant sigh] . but welp still thanks. And well im usually like that aswell with swearing , oh boy as soon my Mother and me are in the same Room and we begin to Swear its a giant Fiesta xD .
  12. Sorry but strong language incoming . FUCK MY LIFE IM STUPID AS HELL... . It worked , i was sooo stupid to not look at the actual animations section...i literally just forgot to check the box >.< . I literally sat here for like 2 Days wondering why "its not working" and there you come and solve it soo swiftly ^^ . Welp finally i can start my new Playtrough :3
  13. Hey Guys . I have the Problem atm that no Facial Expressions will be shown during Animations . For Example Mouth doenst open during Blowjob Poses and the Mouth is closed aswell while being in Vaginal/Anal Poses , what is kinda weird cuz shes clearly Moaning. I do have those 2 Facial Expression Mods downloaded seen often here in the Forum . Is it a problem of the Special Edition ? since a friend of mine did tell me a few weeks ago , that he uses Oldrim for Sexlab stuff and Special Editon to play Skyrim without Sexual Content.
  14. Would be awesome to play as Jada Fire :3 or Diamond Jacksons ^^ (i even saw Diamond Jackson yesterday on a Livestream Site ❤️)
  15. So heres my Futa :3 shes an Alien and well in her Human Form she looks more innocent and well in her true form she looks more Dominant ^^ I even have allready plans for her she will get a relationship with my Trap Char and she will be the Dominant Person :3 I would say she went from : its nice to meet you ma´a´m . to your son calls me mommy too . but in this case it will be true
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