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  1. Thank you so much ! Could you tell us what hair mod are you using ?
  2. Looking/Requesting for a hair like this but iwth longer tail. Just like Akali/Mai Shiranui style. <3
  3. what body mod for male npc should we use for our animation pack ?

    1. SavageCabbage


      Use whatever you like but ideally you should be using BodyTalk for any update after 1.04. If you're using 1.04 you can use whatever with no real issues I think.

  4. Custom skin ? I want it for my main character but the skin you made it for 2b only.  :c

  5. Eight, it's been ages since loverslab and nsfw animation mods were released but none of them had my fav animation. Like, srsly, there's Impaling, whatever insert to peepee, thighs, furry, etc but no armpit animations ? I'll commission any animator to recreate a scene i found. PM for details.
  6. Armpit fetish animations Since feet/bondage/whatever inserting finger into your wee-wee exists already, so why not
  7. can i ask what kind of body mod are you using on this one ? I need it for my amazon roleplay  c:Futacollage1.jpg

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    2. Retrax57


      Hey findri can I ask what character the top right green one is ? Is is from a game ?

    3. Findri


      It's based on a Warcraft universe demon race


    4. wesleyxxx


      Hello Findri where I can find these armor mashup ?

  8. I need the race but i wanna change the body and textures. How can i safely delete and add my new sets of meshes and textures ?
  9. Hello ! It looks nice but noob question : How do you install this with MO ? ;-;
  10. Hello ! I need an expert to make a Atomic Body conversion on these two. They're BA2 files and i get having corrupt versions whenever i try ;-; helps please MGSV Boss Sneaking Suit.7z Phantomers Pack 01.7z
  11. Any thoughts about making an SFW version ? Love vault-meat but keep it casual
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