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  1. Didn't your second to last patreon update say that you could possibly face jail time for making pornographic material? How are you doing with that?
  2. I have no idea how we are supposed to do the "Reversal Problem" step as everytime i remove the skeleton npc branch, it deletes the whole mesh, and im not even sure how im supposed to create a skeleton for the mesh.
  3. Will you ever make this body type available outside being just a sex animation replacer?
  4. I've got a question about the firearms used in the mod. The animations seem to be broken, but I'm not sure if its a load order kind of thing, so how do I fix that?
  5. Has anyone requested a Monno's Army Fatigues conversion yet? That would be a fantastic conversion.
  6. Thanks for this thread, modern mods are basically a relic around the internet. I've seen a modern resources mod that provides a small city, and separate levels, but it's been a while since it was updated and it's a bit broken, here's the link: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/72186-modern-resources-download/?page=2
  7. Extract the attached archive's file to your main game directory, I've removed the face sliders modifications. Now it should work, cause it's vanilla values. player_creation.rar Sorry, but what would that archive file be?
  8. Have you downloaded the original, and put the textures in the right spot? Yeah i actually did, just to add esps and such just to be sure, but all it did was add a unp version (in one attempt) and do nothing (second attempt). the bodyslide works, but the textures are missing, and ive went to the original site where it was posted, and another site that had the same thing but it didnt work anyway.
  9. the textures aren't working for the cre denim shirt (cbbe). please help.
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