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  1. KW doesnt work well on my game so I decide to remove it. However everytime after I tried to remove the package files directly from Mods folder, I went back to the game and Nraas Error trap kept jumping in telling me there are script errors and deleted every sims of my entire town and then rengenerate them again. Through the process, the sims got deleted and re-generated again will lost everything in their backpack and jobs and everything and it takes quite a well until the game becomes normal again. oh and of course, I forgot to mention I uninstalled the KW in game first and then
  2. now that sims can have STDs in game, I hope it will be more realistic. Current setting makes it too easy to get rid of crabs and not contagious enough.
  3. I've upadated to latest version. I never met this problem before. My sims still gets rejected every time he propsed for sex even when the relationship bar is high enough (close to100%)
  4. Why does my sims get frequently refused even though I had turned on the always accepted switch?
  5. I've updated the latest version and now there is no sex interaction between adult and teen. Teen can only have sex with teen now. Is it my setting problem or the new version has banned sex interaction between teen and adult/young adult?
  6. one question, please help me. How can I turn off some tuning I don't want while keep the others functional? oh I figure out myself! Now there is a function called bodyselector. Cool! really Amazing job.
  7. My sims had fun with Paolo, Don and Santa! She/he is pregnant with.... sorry, I forgot another one with Marcus...
  8. I always think the fun of a rape mod is that your sims may be raped RANDOMLY by other sims on street and the chance of being raped will be higher during certain time and occasions, so you have to be very careful on street to avoid it. Other than that I don't see much fun in it.
  9. my last exception. what's wrong with this? the previous version works just fine.
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