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    My absolute favorite games probably are Skyrim and Fallout 4 due to.. well.. you know for what! 😄 But aside from those I´m a big fan of the Life Is Strange Series, especially the first game was absolutely magical! The GTA,Borderlands and Wolfenstein Games are also really one of my favs. Doing the shooty shoot is just fun sometimes! ​😄

    Aside from Videogames I´m taking a look at 3D Modelling in Blender right now and in my freetime I play piano. I´m generally really open to try new stuff so I´ve basically tried all the sports and activities in my area. Yeah sports aren´t really my thing... 😅 Although Yoga and Gymnastics sound great and I definetly want to try that stuff some time. Being flexible has lots of benefits I´m sure! 😛

    Also I´m really into BDSM and submissive stuff. Never tried it myself but the thoughts of trying them sometime are starting to consume me.. 😅​

    Oh and almost forgot, I love reading and writing erotic stories where emotions and intimacy come into play. You can fuck anyone but you can´t love everyone! ​💔

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    Not much to say about me. In RL I´m really shy and quiet most of the time but.... I´ve got quite some vivid Fantasies in my head that I´d love to try some time!​ 💜

    Oh and just want to shoutout RMCW for helping me set up BHUNP. That guy is a hero!! ​❤️​

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  1. Hi everyone 👋 This was probably asked before but will we get some more categories for the Skyrim Special Edition section at some point ? The Skyrim LE section has a lot of them and it's easy to find what you need but in SE you just have Sexlab, Adult and Regular. Searching for an armor, a follower or something else can take quite a while. Hope this is the right place to ask. Wasn't sure if I should directly use the "Contact Us" button for an LL suggestion or to use the LL General Discussions. It's Skyrim related so I suppose it fits here.
  2. That does look pretty fun! I'll check it out, thank you. 💜
  3. Hey everyone 👋 Does someone know any good mods that add some Tomb Raider-like content around the world / add some trapped Tombs with treasure ? In vanilla there is the occasional riddle in a dungeon but I'd love it if some of them were more dangerous or if I'd have some more to explore. Traps, Treasures, Riddles, Lore, Curses and so on would be nice to have. Deviously Cursed Loot and Devious Lore are great to make existing dungeons more risky, but some actual added traps/riddles or completely new trapped dungeons centered around a treasure would be nice.
  4. Didn't even have to kill one to get it to crash this time. I simply fought a White Catsuit Striker and it crashed mid-fight. Papyrus.0.log
  5. Sometimes I can kill a few of them without issues, then the next one crashes the game. Doesn't matter if I kill them myself or with the console, it's pretty random. Game usually crashes just as they're turning into goo. Not much else going on really, just me and the striker. Could be related to what they're wearing possibly. Maybe some Devious Device the strikers can spawn with will crash the game after despawning when they turn into goo after death ? Edit: I also just tried to disable a striker through the console, which ended up freezing my game.
  6. Enabled Papyrus in the ini but it didn't write any log with this crash, just like NetScriptFramework. EDIT: Here is the Papyrus log: Papyrus.0.log
  7. I'll try to get some more logs. DW should be "Dripping when aroused" I already tried killing a striker with the console. That's a 100% chance to crash the game.
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