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  1. The 2 Mods i downloaded from the Mega Link are incomplete. Thats what NMM says atleast.
  2. Ughh.. Can´t resist... Must play... Skyrim..! New .. Mods!
  3. Oh what the hell. This got really confusing. I thought it was your mod, and another one. Then i thought it wasn´t. Then it was. And now it isnt. Always after building FNIS... This is making my Brain hurt. -Aki EDIT: It was liturally an Animation Mod missing a Mesh, that i have, just under a different name. I was lucky i found that.
  4. AkiKay


    Mh. Yeah i guess. Im not really a fan of CBBE because theres lots of Mods that support or have UNP as standard requirement but i would be willing to do it. I just cant stand my Character having Human skin with a Tail. Its kinda weird. Anyway. Thanks ! -Aki
  5. This Mod seems to make my Game REALLY unstable. The Normal Version too. It crashes and loading screens take forever. It often crashes when starting a new Game. Can somebody give me some Tips on how to make this run on a 206 Mods Game ? Without it my Game is "fairly" stable. -Aki
  6. AkiKay

    A Forsworn Story

    Nexus Mod Manager can´t load the Beta. Its "incomplete". Ive redownloaded once already.
  7. AkiKay

    Deadly Pleasures

    Oh Finally. You fixed the Patreon Download Issue. At some point i was able to download a Patreon-Only without being Patreon.
  8. AkiKay


    Is the Nexus V2 only CBBE ? I only use UUNP. Else im gonna have to wait. I scrolled down and saw that the first version was UNP. What happened to UNP for the newer versions ?
  9. AkiKay


    I checked every stone and every little corner. Maybe i can find the 2.7.6 version. I cant download it. it isnt available. -Aki
  10. AkiKay


    Im gonna send you a picture. I liturally dont see any. Theres only these 8 Hotkey Ones and the Survival One. -Aki EDIT: Theres some Pedestals to my right, they are all empty though
  11. Haha. This is Great. I like the idea of being able to combine Tattoos. Things like "Mead Thief" open up new things to get humiliated. Like stealing that Mead and the Bar Owner treats you quite roughly, he also leaves you a present on your bum. At the End these Tats will tell your Story. Even if it wasn´t the greatest. -Aki EDIT: By the way Guys, Remember to turn on the Face Tattoos in the nioverride.ini. Although i´ve read it can lead to crashes during some kind of Strong Animated Attack.
  12. AkiKay


    The only Standing Stones to my left are the Hotkey ones.
  13. AkiKay


    Aren´t i supposed to have some kind of Argonian-like skin in Tiefling form ? I only have a tail. -Aki
  14. Yeah i finally got myself to take an Evening for some research on it and i found out myself. Its actually a really amazing thing because i can customize it more than most mods. 1 thing i dont get is, how i get a muscular Body in Succubi form. Maybe i should try building a Succubus Armor in Bodyslide with a different body than other armors. I also need to get a body texture for the succubus form. Currently its that Non-Texture Pink. Thanks though. -Aki
  15. AkiKay


    Nice Screenshots. Might try something like that chained Nature Girl too. Seems like a good idea. -Aki