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    I like RPG games with a lot of action and romance. I don´t really have a hobby except modding my Skyrim.

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  1. AkiKay

    Body Builders

    What do you mean with "Run every preset through bodyslide" ? I can´t get my bodys to work. How do i get them to work ? Do i just build them and then store them in a folder to do something with them ?
  2. AkiKay

    Sexlab Approach Redux by BakaFactory

    Mh. Its incomplete. And since the archive is locked with a password i cant fix the issue. Guess ill wait.
  3. AkiKay

    Sexlab Approach Redux by BakaFactory

    Huh. I once tried the original and never knew what it did really. Interesting. Ill check it out. Btw what ENB and Male Body Texture do you use ?
  4. AkiKay

    Argonian to Anthro Dragon TF Pack

    Mhh.. Becoming the Dragonborn might have some side effects. This looks really good. -Aki
  5. AkiKay

    AsBoo Animation

    How do you get your Skin so vibrant and glowing ? It makes the make-up really stand out.
  6. These previews look very promising. Good luck!
  7. AkiKay

    SexLab Dragons

    Thanks for the Mod. I´ll definetly check this one out!
  8. AkiKay


    I can´t disable the russian voice my character has during this Mod. The MCM Option doesn´t do anything. -Aki
  9. AkiKay

    Adult Modding / My Opinion

    Could you stop ? I get that you think im a troll or im trying to annoy people. Now i´ve told you my opinion about it and now we can end this. I don´t have time to talk about this anymore. Its an old post where i posted some random bullshit. Nothing of matter. Atleast not to me anymore. I have better things to do than talk about this bullcrap. I messed up ok ? I am trying to change. I left LL for some time so you could get some peace or whatever you want and so i could finally stop listening to your "Are you someone i should know ?" and all that. And why is that ? I don´t get what you mean by this. Did i talk about how good i was or that im better than everyone ?
  10. Hello everyone. Im back.


    I just got into the Creation Kit a bit more while i wasn´t on LL and im really starting to like it. Such a good tool. I could spend hours working with it. Well. I just did so . I mean. I spent most of my time making flower pot designs but.. might even plan on making a mod at some point. 



  11. Hello everyone. Im gonna leave the forum alone for a while. Im just doing a lot of things wrong recently and i have to get some fresh air and think about what i should do now. Maybe i should just get my account deleted at this point and never come back.


    Thank you all. You´re great people.

  12. AkiKay

    Adult Modding / My Opinion

    Im neither of those 2. Im just doing something REALLY wrong. Im not really contributing to the forums. Im just wasting peoples time and thats not what im trying to achieve. I feel like im at the point where there is no excuses so im just going to leave everyone alone for some while.
  13. AkiKay

    Adult Modding / My Opinion

    I can´t believe what bullshit i post on here. And im still doing it. I think loud in public and i seem to share my thoughts very openly. And most of it is bullshit too. God. Im so sorry.