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    My absolute favorite games probably are Skyrim and Fallout 4 due to.. well.. you know for what! ​😜​ But aside from those I´m a big fan of the Life Is Strange Series, especially the first game was absolutely magical! The GTA,Borderlands and Wolfenstein Games are also really one of my favs. Doing the shooty shoot is just fun sometimes ​😄​

    Aside from Videogames I´m taking a look at 3D Modelling in Blender right now and in my freetime I play piano. I´m generally really open to try new stuff so I´ve basically tried all the sports and activities in my area. Yeah sports aren´t really my thing... ​😅​ Although Yoga and Gymnastics sound great and I definetly want to try that stuff some time. Being flexible has lots of benefits I´m sure ​😁​

    Also I´m really into BDSM and submissive stuff. Never tried it myself but the thoughts of trying them sometime are starting to consume me ​​😭​

    Oh and almost forgot, I love reading and writing erotic stories where emotions and intimacy come into play. You can fuck anyone but you can´t love everyone! ​💔​

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    Not much to say about me. In RL I´m really shy and quiet most of the time but.... I´ve got quite some vivid Fantasies in my head that I´d love to try some time!​ 🙃​

    Oh and just want to shoutout RMCW for helping me set up BHUNP. That guy is a hero!! ​❤️​

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  1. Does someone know how to get Creature Framework to work ? I got the 2_0_2 version from the LE Page and downloaded that fix MachineGunEric provided but it still refuses to work
  2. Does someone know if the mod Savage Wolves works with this ? I really like the mod but it does replace the skeleton which makes me think it would break MNC wolves.
  3. Does the SLIF Patch still work ? I can´t get MME to scale the 3BBB CBBE body except for the belly. The breasts stay completely untouched.
  4. For some reason this file doesn´t exist. I looked at the 3BBB mod itself and that file isn´t even contained. The only Morphs 3BBB has is the RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp. As seen below, 3BBB replaces the CBBE Morphs file and does not have it´s own. From the nexus page:
  5. Is there some sort of preset available ? I´m having trouble figuring this out. I can´t really visualise how each morph looks and how it looks at a specific scale. And I´m not even sure if I can get it looking anywhere close to the original MME Morphs. This looks like a ton of work 😅
  6. Does someone know if "Milk-Mod-Economy-Bodyscaling-Bodymorph.7z" is required for SLIF to work ? I can´t seem to get SLIF to scale with this mod. I got the "Increase breast size by milk" and "Increase breast size by level" pretty high up so I think I should see a change already. And my max breast size is at 9.00. I do have the 3BBB SLIF patch too.
  7. Btw GuruSR am I able to use your patch on SE ? Since 1.9 doesn´t seem to be out for SE, I´m not so sure.
  8. Well she uses SLIF to scale ingame but I´d say the bigger problem is that the morphs slider tab in racemenu is liturally missing. That is what SLIF uses I suppose.
  9. My friend says she´s not using a custom race or COSIO. Though she picked the ygNord option in the CBBE 3BBB installer. She´s not using it though. Could that break stuff ?
  10. Hey everyone, I make this post for a friend because she has an issue with her Skyrim. She´s trying to get morph scaling to work in Skyrim and we´ve tried a lot without success until she told me that her Morphs tab in Racemenu is liturally missing. We can´t figure out a fix for it and tried lots of things already. Racemenu.esp is there and RaceMenuMorphsCBBE.esp is there so I´d expect that to work. I looked at how she builds bodyslide / morphs and that stuff seems fine aswell. We really don´t know why this stuff happens. Does someone have an idea ?
  11. Hey everyone, so recently I´ve been having an extensive look at Blender and finally managed to put something together. Now I exported it as an .obj, converted it to .nif with Outfit Studio and am now able to open it in Nifskope. I made my textures too already and they seem to work nicely. Now the only thing I can´t really find any tutorials on is how to actually put it into Skyrim. I suppose headwear also needs it´s weights painted so it moves with the head but I don´t really know how that works / doubt that that´s done in bodyslide. There is lots of tutorials for body armor but ba
  12. Hi,
    Here for the mod https://gofile.io/d/VVjLdM,
    And for the dependencies https://gofile.io/d/qWRmTx
    Happy christmas

    1. AkiKay


      Oh damn! I kind of lost hope already. So much time has passed, I kind of gave up 😅. I suppose this is my christmas present then ? Thank you very much! Merry Christmas!! 😄

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