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  1. AkiKay

    SexLab Pheromones

    Uhm. Then something is wrong with my Loverslab Pages.
  2. I don´t think shes looking at something. Shes probably thinking about what to do next to my Character.... Didn´t see any Whips for sale but that doesn´t mean anything.. Also what if Laura has multiple uses for the Cell ? It doesn´t have to be for stealing. Maybe she would give the Player Gold to look Helpless in there giving the Customers some Ideas. And about the boring part, maybe have some customers come in and ask to "have a look".
  3. Yeah, robbing a -Restraints- Shop wasn´t the best Idea... Were you planning to use the Cell for something like that ?
  4. AkiKay

    SexLab Pheromones

    I only see this one. Its the latest one in the changelog: 1.0.1: Reworked some scripts to fix some bugs that were coming up during my testing. Added a feature where the PC can potentially clear active sex Pheromones by consuming more potions / drinks. But, there's a catch because there's an equal chance to consume even more pheromones, and in this case the sex attacks will happen twice as often and there is no way to remove the pheremones other than waiting for them to wear off in about a day.
  5. AkiKay

    SexLab Pheromones

    Uhm. Btw. Why are you using your Comment Section for Updates ? You used to use the Change log Area at the bottom of your Mod which gives Users more easier access to changelogs instead of scrolling through this Comment Section.
  6. How about a Quest to get trapped in Deviously Cursed Items and bring them to her ? It wouldn´t make Deviously Cursed Loot a requirement since you would just have to come to her in Restraints for her to realise. -Aki
  7. AkiKay

    "Fucking Sound Replacer" Sexlab Sound Replacer

    What Folder should i put in my Skyrim Data though ? Fucking Sounds Replacer or Sex Sounds Replacer ? Is one for fast and the other one for slow sex ? Can´t really use them both since they have the same path (sound/fx/Sexlab/fxSex01)
  8. AkiKay

    SexLab Pheromones

    About the Second Thing: Since Kynareth is often associated with Nature (She´s actually Godess of Wind and Sky and not Nature, thats Hircine) she may give you a very special blessing (Pheromones) for being one of her followers. There would be a Chance. "If you guys want it i could add it... Unless that´s too much pheromones?" Well as long as theres 0-100 Chance Slider it can be very balanced if you experiment around a bit. Also, how about your clothes being covered in pheromones so you´re gonna have to clean them somehow. Creatures would still have sex with you if you don´t even have those pheromones, but your clothes have some.
  9. Thats what i meant yes. The first thing that came in mind for me was "Kynes blessing" when hearing "Parasitic Intruder" since it includes some Chaurus Worms etc.
  10. What Mod is it then ? I believe in the Alchemy MCM Menu theres an Option for some kind of parasite. Edit: Ill just take a look myself. Maybe it was some other Mod. I don´t remember
  11. Can´t seem to register the Kynes Blessing Mod . Its Option is always greyed out although i have it installed. I even reinstalled it. -Aki
  12. AkiKay

    SexLab Pheromones

    Uhm. How about Enemies put some Pheromones on their Blades ? Since the player can put poison on their blade why couldn´t enemies do something worse ? -Aki EDIT: Or how about... the Shrine of Kynareth giving the player something in exchange for praying ?
  13. It worked perfectly but it would be great if you could make it compatible with the digitgrade kahjiit feet Mod from the Auther who made the Tiger Khajit Mod. And it doesn´t matter if you set it up for unique Player. The Textures you made can also be used as normal Khajit Textures since they aren´t named differently. Heres the Folder Structure i use now down below. You just have to copy the files inside the "unique" ,paste them into "character" and delete unique. -Aki Unique Player - White Tiger (Non-Unique Player).rar
  14. I just dragged the requirements and this Mod into my normal folders and not the uniques Folder. Lets hope nothing catches fire. -Aki
  15. AkiKay

    Deadly Pleasures

    Does this require a patreon edition of the Mod ? I don´t see "Komotor Superduo" seen in the Mod Screenshots in my SLAL. -Aki