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    I´m from a small village in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. Though i was born in Mainz.
    I´m pretty shy and also currently dealing with some Problems regarding my Gender.

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  1. At the start MWA resized my starting-armor coming with Alternative Start to something i can´t wear so i cheated in 15 armors to get a chance of my size being one of the 15. Only 5 appeared, the other 10 never appeared. Maybe that caused some issues. Oh well
  2. painful fate (Having good food but no good youtube video to watch while eating)
  3. Hey Monoman im currently trying to fix the issue of my skyrim being absolutely unplayable (UI doesn´t load, Slow Sexlab stuff,Frequent Freezes etc.) and I tried Fallrim Tools again as you suggested. I searched the Active Scripts Tab and found a ton of things related to your mod it seems (Im guessing mwa stands for Mortal Weapons & Armors) . Is this normal ? It´s a ton of folders with different things inside. I put a picture in the spoiler here:
  4. I used them together and they do work. They don´t interact though. No mod for Sexlab will work with 0Sex. So no Arousal,Pregnancy etc.
  5. So this makes/will make scars from whipping last for a while ? Because i think we really need that. Imagine coming home, removing your armor and your followers spot all of the scars on your body feeling sorry for what happened to you. It´s like a battle wound. Signifies how much you´ve been through.
  6. I have a slight question. What exactly does the Open Mouth stuff do ? If you´re servicing someone, their rod is in your mouth anyway. So why would i open my mouth if he is inside me already/has my mouth open ?
  7. Well i tried to fix it again. Moved Fallout 4 to a different Harddrive, Reinstalled all my Mods, Installed even more performance fixes but it didn´t work. I kind of accepted it and thought that this is how it will be but just as i had fun the game froze and crashed. Oh well. Can´t even have fun with the lag.
  8. Oh.. So i don´t install the Legendary Edition Mod ? I install the SE version and this tweak backports the mod ? Well i guess reading helps.
  9. Hey everyone. I´m using the tweak for Sexlab Aroused Creatures and asking in that support section for the base mod got me directed to here. So i have a problem with the mod. It simply won´t do anything. No Rape,No Invitation (The key does not do anything),No bucked off of horse due to arousal,No Creature PC Chases or anything. The mod is basically just a pretty MCM without any features working. Can someone help me ? I got a ton of animations for the mod and I´m using a mod to increase creatures so those shouldn´t be a problem. Especially because other features also aren´t working. I don´t really know why this happens.
  10. Can someone help me ? No feature of this mod works for me. The Rape, Invitation, Creatures chasing the Player, Horses bucking the player off. Nothing works and i have no idea why. I got tons of animations for the creatures and i got Snoipehs More Creature Mod too so im not lacking in available actors aswell. The mod used to work but it has stopped at some point. There is no "Not Interested" Message or anything. The mod is just totally unfunctional. I am using the OsmelMC Tweak for this mod incase thats important.
  11. Oh my god. I thought they let it die! I never noticed the update. Thanks! Do you mean you use MO to manage your Load Order ? Because i just tried and i couldn´t figure it out.
  12. This is the first time i have it installed and the lag was there before it. So it can´t be the cause. Don´t have much installed at the moment either. The Lag right now is basically being caused by either AAF,AAF Animations,Fusion Girl,Hardship,Sex Attributes,Sex Harrasment,Tattoos on Rape,Boston Breeder or some of the other mods. This is my current Load order (It´s not sorted by LOOT atm, it usually is):
  13. Okay so I´m currently trying to slowly add mods and it works great so far. Fusion Girl+Looksmenu+AAF+AAF Animations works. So it isn´t AAF itself. Next will be all of the AAF Addons. I kind of expect Sex Attributes and Sex Harassment to be a big deal but I can´t say for now. I also broke my AAF once because Custom Moans seems to not be compatible with some Mods. Uninstalling it fixed it again thankfully. Gotta say though, Animations are awfully quiet without it. EDIT: Alright the lag just started again. I just installed: ZaZout4, Prisoner Shackles, CRX, Commonwealth Captives, Combat Strip Lite, Companion Ivy so it´s one of those. EDIT 2: It´s none of those. My game decided just to do the same shit all over again. I guess im gonna go back to my broken Skyrim and be jealous of everyone elses perfect Fallout 4. I don´t get it.
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