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    Well. Im a really friendly Guy. But im really Shy and stuff.. Im mostly surfing the internet for Mods etc. You´ll probably see a lot of Topics and posts written by me because theres just too much to know in this World. But thats normal right ? RIGHT ?!?!

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  1. These Kids stare into your soul. Im just gonna back away slowly.
  2. Is this compatible with Devious Devices ? -Aki
  3. Oh my God. I wanted this so badly. Thanks for uploading/making -Aki
  4. Deadly Pleasures

    "Please Jezera" wont work. I even tried using a sexlab spell after the scripted Sex scene but it just wont work. -Aki
  5. RohZima Ero Anim SLAL

    Whats the clothing called in the 7th Picture ? Its a nice piece of clothing. And i love the Character. She looks amazing. -Aki
  6. fo4 animations by leito

    Havent tried any of them but the Rug Version seems easier to me. I personally use Foreplay and Sex Em Up which allows you to have Sex through Dialoge anywhere without a Gun or Rug. -Aki
  7. fo4 animations by leito

    Have you tried the -Rug- Version ? Or the Foreplay Framework in general ? -Aki
  8. Looksmenu Problem

    Oh. Wow. I always wondered what the Box IN Bodyslide was for... What i meant in my Topic is that i actually checked the F4EE Box in the CBBE Options menu and it never worked. But now i know. Thanks!
  9. Hello there, so i basically installed Looksmenu and Bodyslide and noticed that the Sliders in Looksmenu dont do anything now. To get this to work i´d have to deinstall Bodyslide and reinstall Looksmenu. Are they not compatible or is there something im missing ? (I did check the Looksmenu sliders Box in the Options Menu of Bodyslide when installing) I just want to know because im using the Mod "Family Planning Enhanced" in the Adult Mods section and noticed that it won´t work either. -Aki
  10. [WIP] Living Armor

    That sounds... wow. I really want that now. -Aki
  11. That worked. I disabled Looksmenu but somehow its empty folders with some left over outdated plugins stayed. Thanks -Aki
  12. Hey there, so im having a problem that really angers me. I recently installed the latest version of F4SE and tried to launch it. But no Cmd Console appeared while is unusual. Then i opened up Steam to see if Fallout 4 was running. And it was but shortly after it Synched Data and it stopped showing as running. So i tried searching for Missing Files. Now the Cmd appeard but the Game still wouldn´t start. Disabling all my Mods didn´t work either. I reinstalled F4SE 2 Times to check if F4SE was missing Files but it didn´t work. Again. I´ve searched it up and the Guides didn´t help me either. Anyone having the Same Problem or having a solution ? Go ahead and leave a Post it´s very much appreciated. -AkiKay More Info: Game Version F4SE Version: 6.5 Fallout 4 without F4SE runs fine. I have extracted f4se_loader.exe,f4se_steam_loader.exe, f4se_1_10_64.dll and the Data Folder from F4SE 6.5 into my Fallout 4 Main Folder where the Fallout4.exe is located. I let F4SE overwrite everything.
  13. Devious Box (Timed Strong Box)

    For all those Deviously Cursed loot Users like me out there. If you want your Keys to actually be stored in the Strongbox , turn off the 50% of losing a Key when placing it inside a Container. I have never managed to get a Key inside a Container. It always got lost. -Aki
  14. Other Adult Mod Websites ?

    That Song made my Day
  15. So far i love the Community on loverslab and the Mods are Great. But i´ve noticed that i have basically downloaded every Mod for The Elder Scrolls and Fallout Series i Love on here. So is there any other Mod Websites to get Skyrim/Fallout3/NV/4 Adult Mods from ? -Aki