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  1. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    oh mine have been looking just like the le above so now dont fill so bad. at first I thought it was my new pc, but I see a lot of le's up there so I guess there's a problem well I give up I even tried the old file but its not working either. no tam. I guess ill go watch a movie
  2. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    nisa Happy Thanksgiving to u and ur family.....
  3. dont know why but I cant find your download can you give me a link? please... never mind I figured it out yeah
  4. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    ive been pondering the most popular prostitute of sims 4. for getting famous.
  5. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    thanks nisa for update
  6. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    ok new patch and new game Friday. as of now I have no ww in game. not on menu and not in saves. nor is nisa in saves just to let ya know u fix it they'll just break it Friday again. so what does one do... lastException_63677832594.txt first time mc was broke to, but now its in game. Dont be in any hurry nothing will change until ww script is fixed. I think ill go read a book rest of today cylaters
  7. I wondered if you could let teens do the job too? thanks in advance
  8. love your stuff, could you think of fixing it where teens can get a job in this career? thanks in advance
  9. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    long ago when the milky way cup condom came out the sim that drank it got addicted to it. now they dont seem to even notice any effects at all. did you remove that ? just curious.
  10. greenlightning

    Nisa’s Wicked Perversions

    for u Nisa im sure u know its there. im just behind rt now been busy reading lol Nisas_Last_Exception.txt
  11. thanks for ur dedication to the arts, cant wait to try them out.
  12. the biggest problem I have with this is just like bowling and roller venues they all have bars and places to interact with other sims. but no one ever shows up at them. I have two underground vamp bars and they have bartenders loud music dancing and sims. I dont understand why some venues are deserted and some are full of ppl am I missing something?
  13. I dont seem to be able to find the sims in my library, any ideas where else I might look? do u have a gallery name where I can find these mods? 

    thanks in advance for any help


    1. erplederp


      Make sure you place all the tray files (.housholdbinary, .trayitem,...) in the Tray folder and the .package files in the Mods folder.


      Don't forget to enable the custom content in the game options (... -> Game Options -> Other -> Enable Custom Content and Mods) and check the Advanced -> Include Custom Content gallery option, that might be it.