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  1. thank you for a fast get bk. yeah i have snowy escape any ideas on how to rid of the shoes n gloves. oh oh i figured it out. i went in an checked, lol i opened the inventory, an clicked remove equipment an presto she took it off. wow huggles an kisses thank you so much, i sure didnt wanta get rid of what i thought was causing it. thanks again.
  2. ok ive reloaded all my mods several times now, and i still cant get rid of the shoes an gloves during animations and clothed. any suggestions on what i should get rid of or do? thanks in advance. i also tried switching toons with same responses. u guys are my last resort here.
  3. when my sim was in animation she had on shoes n gloves, now they wont come off, i even tried the nightmare of a repair. any ideas?
  4. hey i keep getting an le from mccc, but i dont know how to get into there place. anyone know the dude plz forward this le. thank you mc_lastexception.html
  5. can someone give me a link to nisa's download. it's not on my ww front page anymore...
  6. thanks for taking time. yes i did find some copies of mods in my mod file so im hoping that helps my problem.
  7. How about a calling card for services from a sim for hire? just a thought. also ya need to know i keep getting failure to auto sex in game. thanks.
  8. just so you know offer body and make a move isnt connecting to the client. says auto sex hint failed
  9. can anyone tell me what clean means the le list a num of mods. Ive updated all my mods after the update. lastCleanException.txt
  10. Sorry to bother but could you tell me what clean means in this le ive never seen this before and it keeps coming up. just wondered. thanks in advance. lastCleanException.txt
  11. the toothpaste is also on sim with just romance and wont go away. i already have the console rigged, but thanks...
  12. my female cant get rid of the white toothpaste around her mouth. ive tried changing to flower and its still there. just to let u know. ive been waiting for it to go away so i can take a pic of the couple. guess its just romantic for now.
  13. okay. ah i had a windows update which has messed up my agility to dl mods, it become very inconvenient so im leery about this one.
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