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  1. hey just bk after a year off from game. i downloaded everything. then i added pets and two stuff pks. and my sims quit having a learning tube over their heads when learning nature, so i figured something broke and re-downloaded everything again. but they still don't get this learning tube usually i find if an animation breaks i cant open origin until i remove it. can anyone help? yeah i cked the ui's were marked. any suggestions would be appreciated. also not showing up in the learning box either.
  2. Doctor career - Sex cured illness ?

  3. Request plz

    ive haven't tried that yet, I felt itd be to much for my game to handle. I wish I could though.
  4. Request plz

    at this time the family tree refuses to list teen moms as mom. they have choice of roommate or sister. So id like to suggest that. next they added parenthood. I had a teen out with a parent they were hugging and all sudden they were fighting lol well it was kind of funny. but I looked on there parents influence and to my surprise there was no retribution for it. I thought where's the spanking or at least a tap on the cheek. heck id been grounded for ages if id done that. so I guess some time down the road il like to see someone tinker with the parent influence menu.
  5. [Sims 4]Rodriguez Animation package for Wickedwhims

    Thank you your a great artist. ill love using these.
  6. [Sims 4]AOS Animation - forced sex animation

    great stuff i really enjoyed the last ones i think ill enjoy this update too, thanks...
  7. I just tried out the trait mods again. when on sim ask another sim , get to know, it shows up in the notifcation card. but the relationship card still says unknown trait. so i dont know. im no linger getting any exceptions. so i guess thats an improvement. i really hope he figures it out i sure would like to use the traits.
  8. I agree I had a sim living in a penthouse every time my mouse went across a window it lightning and I thought of rain, storms, and lightning. so yeah want a nice scary storm, it makes me miss home. lol
  9. id like to see biting in the animations, they said when vamps bite it leaves a mark. being curious I had my vamp bite someone and reeled my camera, and sure enough two small bites. I was like darn wheres the blood lol. the shows are a lot more graphic from bites most old vamps have bigger teeth then pins. still would be cool it the bit each other during sex. just a thought.
  10. hot off the press, love them all, great work...
  11. thanks for the animations, keep them coming. there all just awesome
  12. exceptions

    MMM have been having small problems so thought id see if anyone else is having problems. i start a ww and it goes so far and then suddenley pops out of the animations, which i start all over to make them finish. other times i choose a spot pt and click the ww sign they go there but do nothing. i got these perhaps they say something lastexception_63630678625 lastexception_63630678859 lastexception_63630679257
  13. ill try the first one, good job.
  14. mod open jackets

    Thank you. junior member, these are perfect.
  15. what can one say, your the best!!!