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  1. it's a joke don't take it too literally thank you for kind words i think that will work great in seamless animation, we'll see later when i got time. about the kissing part, i already have that planned in my mind but havent tried to making it yet. i'll put that in my planned list. i'm okay, thank you for your concern
  2. 1.3 Update just released, i'm sorry for the delay because i have been busy with other stuff. Special thanks to who have been supporting me through my Patreon, it's really encourage me continuing this project. Enjoy the update I don't think so
  3. "already asleep" yep that is not possible yet, and objects can't be animated so only napping outside blanked is doable. "deciding go to sleep" that is the hard part deciding when to start the animation because will you go to sleep if someone watching at you inside the room? ( do a camouflage? stick to the ceiling like ninja? hide below the beds? ) or the animation start when a sim is already taking a nap (ignoring time and space) just like another sex animation. Wow, great job!
  4. Thanks for your positive feedback guys... it's on one archive and u got 2 packages probably later on, i wanna try something new first i guess knock out didn't count hahaha
  5. Thank you for the update. I'll be looking forward to testing out the slow version. i dunno if it has enough force or too fast, but feel free to try and give a feedback.
  6. Updated to 1.0 Added 2 animations to knockout package (1 blowjob, 1 initiation) Added animation Forced Missionary Slow Tell me if there is a problem with the mod Thanks and have fun!
  7. some kind of passionate missionary thrust right? it won't be that hard. Thrust with power -> a bit of delay -> repeat in which sex you want to see it? knock out one or the forced one? solved?
  8. Yeah i haven't done that yet, and i could just see other people package file what sounds the use and re-apply them to mine. that is the wonderful of making something someone else already done but i think unconsensual blowjob is a bit unrealistic (without some force element to do it like weapon and such) but if they are passed out then that make sense Thanks, noted! Thanks!
  9. 0.7 Released, changelog is on the first page Please tell me if there is something wrong with it Have fun! google translate is that you? if you are asking me to make the climax animation for forced sex, i will do that. just wait when the time comes. Aw, Thanks!
  10. ok i'll do something to make it look slightly harder I suggest you enable always accept setting. and you can start the knock out animations by clicking ground, select teasing, and select knock out from behind
  11. giving you a preview of tomorrow update, fixed the transition issue using my workaround and added missionary animation for knock out animations all of that is decided by WW features, all animators could do is provide the animation for the mod. dead by snu snu huh? noted. Preparation for this is done could be the next one to the list i already asked TURBO about it last month, nope that is because strap on is supported by WW
  12. Updated to 0.6, as you can see from the gif on first post the transition isn't perfect because that is how WW plays animations. as for animation suggestion, i would love to make more animation after expanding this update. thanks and have fun! i don't think WW could pull that off yet, tell me if i'm wrong.
  13. about the sound, that is because im using drowning voice. because i didn't find one that really suits them yet, maybe someday i will found the best one. anal maybe someday, Thanks! Thanks, hmm climax huh.. maybe after i done next big updates, currently focusing on another kind of thing. yep i already had those kind of thing planned, just wait when the time comes. thanks
  14. Updated to 0.4, it may take awhile to the next update. if there is a problem with the mod feel free to tell me
  15. Thanks for your kind feedbacks, currently working on next animation. it's done but still need adjustment, available on patreon and soon available when it's done
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