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  1. Currently we are aiming to release the Monster Girl Garden Beta version on Steam on January 17th! Make sure to wishlist it today so you don't miss out on the release discount (20% off)! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1198820/Monster_Girl_Garden/?beta=0
  2. Hey everyone! As a show of a appreciation to everyone who follows the project, the next two Free Versions will contain Silver Level Tools! This means if you start a New Garden in the new Free Version, you will get Silver Level Tools without having to upgrade them! Especially useful right now since upgrading your tools is only available in the most recent Patreon Version.
  3. Here is a video showcasing some of the many changes to the game since the last YouTube update!
  4. A new version of Monster Girl Garden is available, for both paying patrons, and free visitors alike! This version fixes Neko x Player animation, and adds the option to fuck the Neko's mouth, vagina, or ass. Additionally, character customization is added to the save system, so the character's appearance no longer wipes when switching out. Patreon link, version 0.16: https://www.patreon.com/posts/version-0-16-20165899 Itch link, version 0.14 (Free), 0.15 (Paid): https://noxdev.itch.io/monster-girl-garden Changelog: https://noxdev.itch.io/monster-girl-garden/devl
  5. Adding tons of new animations for the Neko females to Monster Girl Garden, as well as new skin tones and cum texture effects. Also, in the next version the player will be able to choose how they want to fuck their Nekos, mouth, vagina, or ass. Become a $10 patron today to access the animation previews. https://www.patreon.com/NoxiousGames/posts
  6. Yes unfortunately in recent versions, while switching to final versions of character models it became very complicated attaching the new models to the old skeletons, so unfortunately some animations have to be redone. I'm currently in the process of doing this, and the next update will restore at least the animations between the Player character and the Neko species. Each species will be getting their own update complete with animations fixing this problem. Sorry for the inconvenience! Switching from placeholder models to final models was much more complicated than I was anticipating.
  7. Hey, I'm glad you're liking it. Right now there are HP, MP, Energy, and Lust potions. Lust potions are only in the most recent build for patrons though. Antidotes have not been added yet. Rape is counted when a monster is defeated in combat and then fucked. So if you send a weak Harpy at a horny Lamia to fight, they will lose and be raped at the end. This requires Lust be high, since that is the stat which determines if they try to fuck after fighting. Ore cannot be refined yet, that's coming in a future update. The Alraune drops seeds every few in game hours (every couple minut
  8. New animations are coming in the next version for Nekos! New masturbation animations and Player on Neko sex animations. Become a patron today to see the uncensored animation preview! https://www.patreon.com/posts/animating-with-19765293
  9. That's okay, I have been asked this but I don't mind answering again. RogueLove is on the far back-burner compared to Monster Girl Garden, basically I'm barely spending any time on it but it was a test that went a lot further than I ever expected, so I cleaned it up a bit and released it for my Patrons as a gift, and I'm adding to it from time to time, but not nearly as often as MGG.
  10. A new version of RogueLove is now available on Patreon and Itch.io! https://www.patreon.com/NoxiousGames https://noxdev.itch.io/roguelove
  11. Surprisingly they're nothing alike haha, I've never played MGI but from the videos I've seen the only similarity is that they contain monster girls xD The differences are huge, you can train your Monster Girls to fight in MGG, eventually you'll be able to teach them new moves, you can breed the different species and watch them fuck, as well as a ton of game play elements which most H-games are lacking. The other huge difference is, as you said, activity x3 Oh also as of recent updates you can now customize the Player character!
  12. Hey LoversLab!~ Just so you all know the last version 0.14 is FREE on itch.io for a few more days! (0.14.5 is current for Patreon supporters) https://noxdev.itch.io/monster-girl-garden
  13. Hey Loverslab! Just letting everyone know about the 1 Year Anniversary of Monster Girl Garden. As a show of appreciation to all my followers I'm offering the last version (0.14) for FREE on itch.io for this week only! Go get your copy now, before it's too late! https://noxdev.itch.io/monster-girl-garden
  14. Thanks so much for the review, and the support!! Yes the game is very bare bones at the moment, but hopefully the proof of concept is visible at this point. Thankfully most of the gameplay is complete and functional, so mostly it's about filling in the art assets at this point. It's my understanding that if you spend money on a title, you get all future updates for that title as long as they are within the range that you paid. And since this will never be worth more than $5 you should receive all future updates. I'm glad you were happy with the price, and thanks again for the re
  15. https://noxdev.itch.io/roguelove Welcome to the Dark Lord's Keep. RogueLove is a Lewd Action RPG based around Roguelike/lite elements. You play the daughter of a Sex Slave, on the night of your 18th birthday you decide to escape before you meet a similar fate. Escape the dungeon alive, find out who your father was, or even take on The Dark Lord Himself if you think you can. Your fate will be sealed if you are defeated in combat, or if you submit to your baser urges. Find gear and books along the way to power yourself up, gain the Favor or Ire of the Gods, will you become supe
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