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  1. Thank you for your apply.😃 It seems that this work needs lots of artistic talent and experience. I can only make the costume fit the body so far,but I'll keep trying it.
  2. Now I've learned how to replace the original skin. The next thing i want to learn is to edit the clothing. What I expect is like this: I saw a Japanese website teaching how to achieve it but it seems to skip the crucial step on how to make it. http://doa5.g1.xrea.com/?部分的に脱がす___ブルゾンを挑発的にはだける Taking MAI_COS_001 as example: What I want to do is to make the clothes more opened. Which vertices should I select and what I'm gonna do next? Huge Appreciation! 😃
  3. I finally stripped the costumes after several attempts. Here is my work: MARIE.rar By the way, I did notice that some costume can't be stripped(i.e MARIE_DLCU_033). Whenever I deleted the costume parts by using TMC Polygon Tool then simply applied to the game, it just crashed to desktop. Is there anything I did wrong or anything I didn't notice? I'm using TMC Polygon Tool 0.20.0 and it look like this:
  4. OMG you are really my life saver 😅
  5. Well,there is a new problem I found. I'm using this mod to replace the skin: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/57690-complete-nude-remix/ Things go pretty well until I switch to edit mode. When I swich to edit mode then swich back,it just doesn't look smooth anymore(sorry for my English I don't know how to explain that😅). Does that mean that I need to find another mod?
  6. Understood. Huge appreciation for your answer!!😁
  7. Here is a question I wanna ask. Sometimes when I use TMC Polygon insert tool the replace the original skin tmcmesh,it shows this: What does that mean and how do I fix it?
  8. This is the best I can do so far. The problem that I encounter is that I don't know how to swap the texture of default skin texture.
  9. Hi everyone. I want to edit some costumes to make it topless or half-nude. I tried to use BP6's nude body but when I import the costume and the body into blender,I don't know what to do with so many dots and lines. Can anyone teach me or is there any tutorial of how to strip the costumes? Big appreciation.
  10. Well,it was pretty much an accident. I was looking at Dinput8.ini in Autolink and I noticed something like this: . 若需要使用XBOX ONE修正用的dll XInputPlus(xbox one controller to directinput mapping), 可以將XBOX ONE的修正dll更名為dinput8ex.bin ( AutoLink's dinput8.dll => dinput8ex.bin => system's dinput8.dll ) I tried many possibilities of renaming dlls and found out that solution.
  11. I tried to rename Reshade's d3d9.dll to dinput8ex.bin and installed Autolink's d3d9.dll. It works properly (without dxwnd) even though it slows down the loading speed and pops an error message when you start the game. Further more,I deleted the devenum.dll in BP6 and that fixed the weird error message I got. Here's my DOA5LR directory.
  12. Did anyone get this error? I tried to use AutoLink000.config to select costume and this showed up. What's more weird is that if I just use pure Autolink dlls(without BP6),this still shows up.
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