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  1. Yup. I'm on LE too. I even debugged first item through MCM and played some more days but nothing happened.
  2. Guys, I need help. This is 26 day from completing a ritual. and nothing happened. I defeated Alduin and Miraak. And now I want to play Dawnguard. I was hoping I will get armor before playing Dragonbord but no luck. What should I do?
  3. You need this file "Maria_Eden_V2.1.7Z" and when installing with FOMOD you choose what you want. I think it's better if you just ask choosen NPC to be your master/mistress. If I remember correctly you can't have mod "Alternate start" and MariaQuickStart enabled because it causes some weird problems. QuickStart works when you're done with character creation. It displays menu where you can choose where you want to start - Rifter auktionhaus or HouseOfBurden. So it seems you need at least one of them to start.
  4. Great work! I'm especially curious what happen next when you mess combination too many times. How plot will unravel itself after 'certain events'. I was following this modification from the start when it was being developed by original autor. I loved this concept but time was passing by and no updates were done. Original autor created something else, I've tried. It was also very good but again - no updates. Interior that you guys created looks amazing! Really. When for the first time stairs folded themselfs I was like: "Wow! Amazing!" and my jaw dropped. NPC looks really good too. Ellen i
  5. Sorry. I wish I could help. I've never tried running only this mod with depedencies. Maybe this would work. To be honest I have ADHD when comes to installing mods for Skyrim so this solution would ruin fun for me.
  6. What? LE version is from 2018 and SE is from 2019/2020.
  7. Maria_Eden_V2.1.7Z 128.96 MB / May 2, 2018 Maria-v2-01-20160813-205012_ENG.7z 21.22 MB One of these above are for LE version. But from my experience: RiftenClub and PonytailClub doesn't work at all. Game just freeze when I try to enter it. HouseOfBurden work sort of. With QuickStart I think. METrainingAndAuctions work sort of. Some training doesn't work. To be honest, this mod is really nice concept but bugs. Bugs everywhere.
  8. Version from this LoversLab thread is fine for LE but version from this thread Mega is not for LE. It's outdated, though.
  9. Version from mega from this thread is for SE.
  10. Doesn't really matter what he's said because this doesn't really work. I tried this also many times. Workaround for this is: 1.Get enslaved 2.Wait 1 hour 3.Choose Training from list that will pop up. I think you need to enable Debug in MCM. Save a lot when in training because some of training lesson doesn't really work.
  11. I have a problem with this mod. I just used a spell on some dead bandit and now she's hostile to me so my followers just killing her again.
  12. This works for me. Maria 2.5.1.eng.7z
  13. I downloaded this mod from mega. Actived now: MariaBase, MariaDevices, MariaProstitution, BDSMMechanics, TheKinkyPrincess, ZEPSlaveLocations, ZEPWhoreLocations. My character was T-posing. Obviously I runned FNIS again, still the same. FNIS is sending a warning: >>Warning: \character\behaviors\FNIS_MariaBase_Behavior.hkx not Skyrim compatible<< Reading MariaBase V2.01 ... I didn't installed SSE version so It's not the issue here. Running only with MariaBase and BDSMMechanics didn't fixed it. I'm assuming that files from Mega from this thread are for LE version no
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