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  1. You most likely won't find that help here, as per the Community Rules loli characters are not allowed, or anything that looks as underage. You can find the rules here in this comment or in the bottom left of the web page, just go there and search for "child" with Ctrl-F, you will see it.
  2. I used to use NMM a long time ago, it was kinda buggy, and the profiles pretty much uninstalled and reinstalled the mods when switching between them, if I remember correctly, or maybe that's just a bug I had. Either way, I use Vortex now, which is decent. It sure is faster than NMM and more reliable...
  3. Hold up, doesn't work? That's a new one, usually for me XPMSE was the least concern. Something might be overwriting it imo, you should check for that first. Idk what's it like in MO2 (or NMM if you still use that for some reason) but in Vortex it kinda tells you when there's a conflict most of the time (unless it's something not in loose file form, an archive of sorts lile BA2 or BSAs or whatever else bethesda's using these days).
  4. Ow yeah, you really gotta use XPMSE, it's required for most things now anyways. Just plop it down in there and then rebuild your anims with FNIS.
  5. I think the CBBE-SMP body has genital physics enabled, not to be confused with normal CBBE, this one to be precise: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/29023 I switched from CBBE to this one a while ago and it went fairly smooth, as in nothing had to be "converted" as you'd do with UNP outfits to make them work for CBBE or such. It was fairly straight forward if I remember right. You might still want to rebuild all your outfits in bodyslide just to be sure, but if you don't want to, just build the CBBE-SMP body in bodyslide and see if everything else works right out of the
  6. As you can see, that post is from quite a while ago. Back when that was posted, there was a "mod", more like files needed for stuff to look right, named "Data" made by Leito if I remember right. That included the nifs for ferals, dogs, supermutants and maybe something else, don't quite remember. Anyways, in the meantime that mod is no longer needed, however the files are there for me, and they're added by "The One Patch to Band Them All" if I'm reading this hardlink correctly. So yeah, that advice is outdated most likely, along with whatever I was referring to, I guess. Thanks though.
  7. Yeah, I did just that tbh. I mean the nifs are not included for anything but the originall full outfit, but when you build everything in the mod in bodyslide the other nifs show up are created as well, so you can add stuff in the esp easily at that point. I even went as far as to make them ESL-flagged ESPs (might as well, right?). I just omitted all that because I wasn't sure if Snakel101 himself knows, I was intending to subtly tell you in a PM (and provide the full Carlotta ESP to save you some work if you wanted), but I guess the cat's out of the bag now xD
  8. Well in light of this new information, I guess you're right, my apologies. It is indeed unlikely that he made the mods entirely without CK, even with FO4Edit being as powerful as it is. If you intend to report him (and others like him) good luck and please do let us know how it turns out. I'm really hoping this will motivate him and all others to readopt the previous model of having a patreon without substantial content rewards (and I don't mean early acces to stuff here), just for those that wish to support the modder, the very same model that I see Vtaw is practicing, now that I
  9. I know, his older stuff is decent though (the ones that were actually full, not just 1 non-modular outfit and that's it). I dislike paid mods just as much as the next guy, but not much I can do about it except not pitching in, I don't support that business model so I'm not not a patron of his, in case that was what you guys originally thought. I still check his Patreon every once in a while hoping for new outfits that are full like the old ones but it's pretty rare, especially for the really big ones. As for reporting to Bethesda I'm not sure they can really do anything about it, unless he pos
  10. Hey there, if you're looking for a skimpy bodysuit then you could try Snakel101's "Bodysuits&Heels" mod. If you meant a more combat-oriented bodysuit for your aforementioned combat character, perhaps something from the Pampas Set might work, I think they had a few, and modular at that, the boots were separated from everything else.
  11. This looks very useful. Now I'm technically in the category of highrange PCs, but my setup's not that much different from yours tbh (Ryzen 5 1600 OC@3.7Ghz, GTX 1080 and 16GBRAM, sorry for the flex, had to) and I find this interesting to say the least, there's really good info here. I'm gonna check out some of those smoothing tips you mention and also the core affinity since in some areas, like in the modded Lakeview manor, I see the frames drop to like 40-ish in a noticeable way at times and I suspect it's related to SSE dumping all it's stuff on a few unlucky cores. Either way, good stuff👍!
  12. I have been using the latest version that was on the Nexus before it got taken down, ever since it was released back then, and never had any CTD that I could trace to it (or more specifically that I couldn't trace to something else that was causing it), so it's likely that it got fixed or it was something else, some incompatibility, that was causing it. Either way, the outfit's totally worth it so give it a try.
  13. Working to get the mods reuploaded. New TheKite NSFW content and improving some old ones. I just awoke, but I'm already liking where this day is going...
  14. Have you tried the sliders in bodyslide? Use those, then build all outfits and the body with that preset (I reccomend saving the preset) or use an available preset. Some things may output to the same file when building (CBBE Body Nude, NeverNude, Physics and Body Special) so only build one of those (Though it will probably detect it and ask you which one you want). Just use BatchBuild in bodyslide with your prefered preset and see from there.
  15. Hello there, this happens with many mods regarding chem station, it's sort of a known bug, but here's the deal, if you instantly start browsing or crafting as u entered this chem station, it will happen, but if you wait for a few seconds after entering the chem station (I think 5-10 seconds is more than enough in most cases) for all the elements of the menu to load up, it's unlikely to happen (not impossible, but drastically reduces the chances). As I've been told, it's a bug caused by starting to craft before everything's loaded so you get stuck in whatever menu you are. If however it does ha
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