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  1. i think it will be hard for me to do all that ^^
  2. well, and in private ? lol she's really tiny femalemonster ? can we have this mod or its down ?
  3. Wow she's cute, i think you dont share the mod ? how to get the ears like that ? This one is cute too, how you to get characters like that ? here too you dont share ?
  4. huh is that from face sculpting ? i dont remember i yhad this when i just clicked on it to see it So i a found a folower mod with a good face i like i can download it and copy the facegeom? as it works for head i supose you can edit arms legs too ? Btw in my sliders in racemenu i often have $_xxxxx$ not the actual name of the slider. By example if i download this folower mod ? could i change things with CK ? sry all those questions
  5. Itd touched by dibella preset in bodyslide for oppai (huge tits) its like chinese to me XD, while you sai sculpting with tlisders means the racemenu sliders with the modify for the head ? i dont know what is facegeom nor where to get it, i think i'll need to try a bit. You said about head with high poly we can get that too ? without texture problem if other body part arent high poly ?
  6. you mean we can create character from CK? for texture i'm using demmoniac, for sliders in bodyslide i know a bit i have my tbd preset for oppai but sculpting in racemenu i dont know how to
  7. You were talking about edit but i'm not good at it or dont know how to do. Talking about nice face yeah in many mods i was aksing what mod they use etc as mine is usually like vanilla, i wanted face like some mods have like anime girl with elf ears etc btw i cant find the two race you talked about
  8. Oh ok, his character is well made quite cute, i understand he wants to safe his characters from lewd things, then is there a way to create characters looking same ? i think it needs to be good at 3d modelling or something ? Is there mods too that tuns or put the main character as child ? Maybe its not good too or removed for the same reasons.
  9. wow nice is there still a way to get her or how to get her ? i have seen there is things removed for loli
  10. Hi there i'm using adult mods like animal sos, hentai creature, aroused creature and others. I tried to play with but i cant get to have it well configured and for animations its a bit weird as in mcm menu there is many menuies where i can activate them dont know wich on e is the good one. I wanted to see if horses can fuuck each others or other animals like dogs there were doing nothing instead of rapind me sometime even configured like tyey only persue males as my char is female. Do i lack something or mods not good ? thanks
  11. hey hello i had on v 1.13 where can idownload the latest ver ? on nexus page as said in the top topic ? its merged ? wich file ? thanks
  12. oh ok, yeah normlly i can do it too withj up and down but the horses are not floppy sometimes its changing of shaoe and get other penis form. and frost giant ad not working well too with up and down they are not registered i think. and some hentai giant i spawn have penis on the ground bugged. how to change size of horse and other monster's penis size ? i have seen some one talking about eff and showracemenu or in mcm menu but i dont have things like that..I disabled flowersgirls too. Maybe i'll unninstal those nsfw mods and play normaly with cbbe 3bbb amazing only ^^if its too har
  13. Hey hello how you are doing it ? i dont think i have spell or things like that, maybe i have some problems, my horses doenst have schlongs or someitme they blink and booom they have flaccid thing some time it add it too when i force update itself the actor. As i have seen its possible to change size ? with eff and racemenu ? About this line "Animal_SOS.esp ( it is better not to install \Data\SKSE\Plugins\CBPCMasterConfig.txt see paragraph 12 )" So its better to not enable animalsos.esp ? in the paragraph 12 we need to enable male physics right ?
  14. Hello there is that topis still on date ? i wanted to know wich mods they are using, the cock design is nice for Alyosh or fduta prisoner but i don t know how to install it. I'll go back on cbbe because i dont understand how to get working bhunp. I dont have good pc here is it still possible with only cbpc? thanks
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