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  1. @Zynx. esp eslified and high heels sound added [Zynx][Melodic] After School.esp
  2. can we have like a compilation of links for mods that utilize triggers in the description page? this all sounds promising but i've not really seen many use it.
  3. yeah this sounds too good to be true and for anyone who knows a bit of stuff about modding understands that it is a huge undertaking, or a small fantasy atleast.
  4. i've downloaded the latest version as of now and can confirm it's still too glowy using rudy enb. while i am here, i bet you've seen this replacer: is there a possibilty you could integrate it? the author seems inactive sadly. the textures are REALLY good, but the amount placed is rather subtle, so a stackable variant would be nice. also a question: does this mod straight up overtake the cum applying process so we'd not see the regular cum texture?
  5. ayyy this is so good, we need a more stacked version, just more stuff overall
  6. you've answered quick, i've edited my post before even refreshing the page lol. yeah, basically installing every pack seperately works. issue resolved, thanks for the help!
  7. okay so i checked: when hovering they are all marked as true i've tried completely deleting the generated fnis folder and recreating it anew. also every counted animation is also enabled/ the number is identical. with (almost) everything turned off i still get airhumping, which i didn't expect. also, not every billy animation seems to not work, some do work, but most don't. but every other animation within every other animation pack work perfectly fine. it's just weird, i can't wrap my head around it. no solution so far. edit: by googling i now found someone else describing the same problem and for that person it was missing assets. so I'll try experimenting with different selections and combination of the fomod. edit 2: okay i got it. maybe with my individual choice of options in the fomod i get something broken or mod organizer messes up in the process. but precisely installing single packages works out perfectly. so i just install em one by one, distinct from another and that's it. thanks for helping me!
  8. I'm wondering, will the textures from the Textures/SLACS folder be used to stack the effects or the native SL ones? If i'm already using custom texture replacers will they be overwritten that way or should i replace the textures from SLACS with my custom ones?
  9. for some reason defeat has this selection menu built in, too, which is enough for me i checked, FNIS cap not reached, SL Animation Count/Cap is by far not reached. But thanks for your input, knowing the SSE version works for others i have to look at my own shit. so far no luck in finding out why
  10. hey thank you billy for the animations. i've since wrote here because most don't work for me, i get airhumping when selecting anything with a billy prefix. any other animations by other modders work fine, only billy's won't work and i get air humping. i'm using SSE. i've not found any solution so far. it seems to be human only animations so far, anything with a billy prefix- a demonstration: airhump.mp4
  11. Edit: Nevermind. Don't ESL-ify the plugins, it breaks the mod.
  12. hm so idk what's wrong with my setup, as this animation pack works for others. all my other installed SLAL packs work just fine, but any animation from billy just won't work, the actors stand still or air hump. i've not even nearly hit my fnis registration limit or SL animation limit i'm on SE, made sure to download the SE version. the individual packs all get recognized by SLAL, but when i choose a billy animation, the actors just stand still. straight anims work as intended, lesbian and creature anims don't any tips?
  13. @MadMansGun ; thanks for taking the initiative, i'm all for a standardized tag system. regarding the impregnating tag, do pregnancy mods hook on the tags that come with the SL animation? if so, then yes a tag for it should be a thing
  14. hmm i didn't download or test any of these animations but from what i am reading, there is potential for conditional idles for Dynamic Animation Replacer. imagine stuff like horrible harassment or others, you get certain conditions after a scene and the npc/pc has a crying idle animation
  15. thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. i'll try to kinda reverse-engineer it by comparing it to other SOS addons.
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