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  1. This already exists in the Bathing In Skyrim Tweak (another major addition, thanks Monoman). Read the description in the OP (paragraph "Bathing in Skyrim", sub-paragraph "Texture sets").
  2. This dialogue is from Naked Dungeons, sure. At the end of the dialogue the PC is teleported to the CELL "Science Laboratory" (id: ndun_ResearchLab) You can try typing in the console 'coc ndun_ResearchLab' and see if the CTD occurs, which will confirm that the problem is with Naked Dungeons. There are ZAZ furnitures in this CELL ; do you have Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 Plus installed ? (one of the prerequisites for Naked Dungeons) For the Sanguine Artifact, if it isn't automatically unequipped soon after returning from dreamworld, if I'm correct it can only be removed
  3. Check in the YPS MCM, in the "Body Hair" page, if "Use SOS Pubic Hair" is enabled or not. If enabled ==> no longer use SlaveTats for Pubic Hair, but only SOS Pubic Hair for all stages (this is one of the changes made by the tweak version)
  4. Have you installed the normal version of YPS first ? This is a prerequisite for the tweak version. No conversion needed for the tweak version (it only contains esp and scripts)
  5. OK thanks for your answer. But is it normal that in the case I have described I have : akTarget.GetItemCount(CollarRef) which returns the value 1 while akTarget.GetItemCount(CollarRef.GetBaseObject()) returns 0 ?
  6. A weird little bug, but not unique to Beta, I think it already existed before. It concerns the choice of the Devious device which is equipped for the Magic Curse. Having had a collar quest item when the enforcer arrested me for lack of magic collar, he equipped me with arms cuffs (because slot collar occupied by a block generic). Then later, after getting rid of all these devices, each time I am arrested for lack of magic collar, the same arms cuffs are fitted instead of a new collar. In my inventory, none of the previously equipped devices were left. My character was complete
  7. Thanks, I checked and _SLS_KennelSlavesQuest is stopped. And I still have all these papyrus SlaveTats sync logs on Desperate women. I modified SlaveTats.psc to get the ref_id in the papyrus log. Debug.Trace ("SlaveTats: Beginning synchronization for" + target.GetLeveledActorBase (). GetName () + "id:" + target) Then after relaunching the game and having SlaveTats sync logs on Desperate Women : I tried to do a prid ref_id then moveto player on one of the Desperate Women appearing in the papyrus log : no NPC appears. I tried "enable" with no result. When I do "player.moveto ref_id" I am telep
  8. Regarding the Desperate women of the kennel : I can see in my papyrus log a lot of synchronization from SlaveTats on Desperate Women : SlaveTats: Beginning synchronization for zbfSlaveFemale ...... If I'm not mistaken, it's due to the RapeTattoo added on Desperate Women (RapeTats.AddRapeTat(MySlave) in the SLS_PlaceRandomZazSlave.psc script). The problem (if it is ?) is that I have these logs even when I am no longer in the Kennel. SlaveTats continues to receive sync requests for these NPCs even long after leaving the Kennel, as if (I'm guessing) new RapeTattoo keep being added. Sho
  9. Thanks for adding the new Trauma feature, just great ! Is it normal that the pain sound is very weak, compared to the "Bong" played just before and the Spank That Ass moan sounds ? On my setup, I hardly hear the pain sound.
  10. Among the ones I use : BIS tweak ==> also affected by this bug (GetEmptySlot in mzinOverlayUtility.psc script) SL Cum Overlays ==> not affected, GetEmptySlot is Ok (in SCO_CumHandler.psc)
  11. Hi, I think I found a bug, the same as there was in the Spank That Ass mod : Some overlays (facial, hand and feet) do not appear. For example : the facial overlay for daydreaming when in dialogue with a woman. The problem lies in the GetEmptySlot function of the SLS_Utility.psc script : the number of overlays recovered is always that of the body In the SLS_Utility.psc script, on line 807 (and probably also on line 826), I think we should replace : Int i = NiOverride.GetNumBodyOverlays() by using the existing GetNumSlots function : Int i = GetNumSlots(Area) so that the recovery of t
  12. Hi, Thanks for your great mod. Could you add an event mod to manage the keyless pet collar ? (like the existing one for the pet collar, but for the keyless pet collar) Thank you in advance.
  13. Quest: SLV_CatchingAva "Solving problems" [QUST: 0D0E6520] Bug: Ava is not in the Inn in Ivarstead. At stage 4500 ("Search for Ava in the Inn in Ivarstead."), when you enter the Inn in Ivarstead, Ava is not present. A 'player.moveto Ava_ref_id' teleports into Dragonsreach Dungeon, where Ava is. She shouldn't be there but in the Inn in Ivarstead.
  14. Quest: SLV_WalkOfShame2 "Another walk of shame" [QUST: 0D878943] Bug: Same problem as already mentioned previously: NPC (Bellamy and Murphy) stop following the player after the 1st scene when they should follow him for the duration of the quest. Quest: SLV_SlaveHunter "On the Run" [QUST: 0D27749F] Bug: Interaction issue with denouncing by an NPC If the player is an escaped slave, ie if he does not report to Bellamy in time, the "On the run" quest starts. Then, if a random NPC detects the player and sends him to Dragonsreach to get punished, the "On the run" quest does not stop, as it should,
  15. For information, following my request Monoman1 very kindly added in the last version of SL Survival (beta 0.615) an event mod to revoke the licenses. (cf _SLS_Api.psc: Event On_SLS_RevokeLicence (string eventName, string strArg, float numArg, Form sender) ) I asked the same on DCL's forum for the slave collar, but got no response. It will be necessary to check in DCL 9 when it will be available, maybe it will have been added.
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