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  1. Thanks, im afraid thats the closest i can get. Still no luck with the leggings, i searched for hours over everywhere, i cant beleive nobody made one so far. Its so sexy ._.
  2. h4xoor

    Incest Trait Mod gone??

    As far as i know, you can get the trait for 500 whimpoints ingame, if WW is installed of course. Also it can be engabled globally via cheat in the WW settings.
  3. So, i couldnt find anywhere leggings like this Also, im looking for a glove or gloves, something like this one. Thanks in advance!
  4. h4xoor


    Sorry for the late reply. 1, none 2, nope 3, nope 4, none But the problem didnt showed up since that heavy summerstorm ingame.
  5. https://pastebin.com/tzEKp01J so, i was just about to move a stage during a random sex animation, when i hit next, both sims stopped moving then WW errors came up like crazy in the notification wall, i was able stop the menace with the ww.stop_sex command via console, but i see nothing like this since i using WW, i barely had any LE's at all. However, i suspect its have to do something with the game, sometimes my sims ported from the kitchen fridge to the table next to the chair to sit down. Kinda weird, but regardless i just posted the LE in case it helps somehow figure out if its somehow releated to WW at all.
  6. h4xoor


    All seems fine now, yes the OLL anims were caused some issues, but thanks to the author it was fixed pretty fast. Now i had zero LE since i fixed my WW folder, lol. Case closed i guess.
  7. h4xoor


    I may find the issue, i checked my WW folder (i keep it in the mod folder, just wanted to seperate it from the rest of the CC/animations for easier update) and i noticed that for some reason i had 2 files from each, i always drop&overwrited the files and it caused by no trouble so far, but now for some reason either the filenames slightly changed, but there was each as it should be and old ones with (1) at the end. So far no LE on load in. Ill report back after a few hour session of testing.
  8. h4xoor


    Nope, i only got Animations and some custom CC, no gameplay changing mods beside WW. Now i had a different error, but for first glance regardless i have almost zero clue what im looking at, it seems it was caused due my sim were halfnaked due naturism when i loaded the save. https://pastebin.com/tRa6zrpR
  9. https://pastebin.com/x0xCRnTZ Its happens mostly during weathers, storm,rain mostly, Didnt really noticed during winter, i got the latest version every mode i use, including WW from Patreon.
  10. I stumbled upon an issue with one of my female sim, when she got a penis, half of it is black. Yes its a custom skin texture, but i used this in the past without any issue. And i only got BB's skin overlay in my mod folder due i use it for a long time now.
  11. Thanks, so should i remove this file from the WW folder - TURBODRIVER_Denton47_WickedWhims_RigBreastsOverride.package am i right?
  12. Sorry for the noob question, but i have to ask due i couldnt figure it out, lol. Better safe than sorry. I need to drop all 4 files in the WW folder? (i have a subfolder for whickedwhims only for easier update) or doesnt matter where i put them. I mean i know the old_cas penis need to placed with the WW files, but the rest.
  13. Thanks for the beatiful CCs so far, i love'em. You just got yourself a patron